Clinical Care

The Nephrology Division at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center provides all of the inpatient and outpatient nephrology care to patients at University and Memorial Hospitals as well as Marlborough and Milford Regional Hospitals. Our clinical program is divided into inpatient consultation, outpatient consultation, dialysis, and transplant.

Inpatient Care           

  1. Consultation for patients with acute kidney injury and complex fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders.

  2. Provision of all forms of renal replacement therapy, in acutely ill patients.

  3. Nephrologic care of all end-stage renal disease patients admitted to the hospital.

  4. Co-management of all kidney and pancreas transplant recipients admitted to the hospital.

Outpatient services

  1. Evaluation and management of patients referred from a wide geographic area, and representing a broad array of problems such as complex hypertension, glomerular disease, nephrolithiasis, and progressive renal disease.

  2. The Division provides outpatient consultation and long-term management at six different sites; University Hospital; Prescott Street-Worcester; Vernon Street-Worcester; Medical Building-Marlborough; Water Street-Milford; Webster-Oxford.

  3. The care of over 600 chronic dialysis patients and 1000 patients who have received a kidney or kidney/pancreas transplant.

  4. All donor and recipient kidney transplant evaluations are performed by nephrology.  

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