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Welcome to the Quinton Lab in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology

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Research Focus: Lung immunity and the biological signals that dictate pneumonia outcome and susceptibility

  • Intrapulmonary control of immune resistance and tissue resilience
  • Influence of the lung-liver axis on pneumonia susceptibility

Representative Publications

  • Na E., Allen E., Baird L.A., Odom C.V., Korkmaz F.T., Shenoy A.T., Matschulat A.M., Jones M.R., Kotton D.N., Mizgerd J.P., Varelas X., Traber K.E., and Quinton L.J. Epithelial LIF signaling limits apoptosis and lung injury during bacterial pneumonia. (2022) Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol (In Press)

  • Odom C.V., Kim Y., Burgess C.L., Baird L.A., Korkmaz F.T., Na E., Shenoy A.T., Arafa E.I., Lam T.T., Jones M.R., Mizgerd J.P., Traber K.E., and Quinton L.J. (2021) Liver-dependent lung remodeling during systemic inflammation shapes responses to secondary infectionJ Immunol. 207(7): 1891-1902

  • Quinton L.J., Walkey A.J., and Mizgerd J.P.. (2018) Integrative Physiology of Pneumonia. Physiol Rev. 98(3):1417-1464

More Publications

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We are currently recruiting a post-doctoral fellow eager to investigate pneumonia biology.  If you are interested, please send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Lee Quinton.