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  • Lindsey Bazzone, MD/PhD

    Lindsey Bazzone, MD/PhD

    Class of 2022

    "The PCCM fellowship at UMass provides an excellent learning and working environment. There is a special camaraderie between co-fellows who are always willing to lend a hand and support one another.  Our attending physicians are approachable, supportive and enthusiastic about teaching, yet allow for an appropriate amount of fellow autonomy and independence. Our PD and assistant PDs are truly invested in the success and wellbeing of the fellows and provide the encouragement, opportunity, and mentorship to enable each fellow to pursue his/her individual career goals.  One of the best things about PCCM at UMass is that there is always someone available and willing to help out, whether it’s discussing a difficult case, assisting with a procedure, or simply to have a good laugh."

  • Shaun Toomey, MD

    Shaun Toomey, MD

    Class of 2022

    "The clinical exposure at UMass has been very positive this year, and the enthusiasm of faculty to teach with giving the appropriate autonomy to grow as a clinician has been a very valuable experience.  Additionally, the faculty has helped me pursue academic endeavors in a low-pressure way in areas that are specific to my interests."

  • Jason Kovacevic, MD

    Jason Kovacevic, MD

    Class of 2021

    "After beginning my medical career as a Caribbean student I had the ultimate goal of pursuing a fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine. After interviewing at UMASS for residency I knew that this was the program that I was supposed to train at. The people, medical training and comradery were just a few of the highlights that made my time at UMass extremely memorable. After residency, I was fortunate enough to match into the pulmonary and critical care fellowship where we trained under some of the world's experts in both fields. My training in fellowship was second to none and I am more than equipped to start my first job as an attending at a large academic affiliated hospital in Florida. I truly appreciated my time at UMass and am very thankful I was able to spend 7 amazing years honing my medical skills there while making lasting relationships." 

  • Elita Defeo, DO

    Elita Defeo, DO

    Class of 2021

    "I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to train with. Everyone in the department is very supportive of the fellows and always willing to teach. I have found great mentors and also had a great clinical experience here at UMass." 

  • Kyle Halligan, MD

    Kyle Halligan, MD

    Class of 2020

    "UMass has top-notch hands-on clinical teaching which enables one to feel ready to tackle both current problems and evolve to meet the needs of the ever-shifting clinical environment.   The halls and offices are filled with physicians who have published and reviewed primary to tertiary literature.  These “big names” are not only available to share and discuss this knowledge but are readily available to directly care for patients."

  • Kate Silva, MD

    Kate Silva, MD

    Class of 2020

    "I picked UMass after graduating from Penn State because I really liked the group of people when I interviewed and I thought that it was a place that could give me the education I wanted, but at the same time provide a fun and nurturing environment. My experience here has been exactly what I thought it would be, so I would definitely choose this fellowship again."

  • Rajesh Roy Zacharias, MD

    Rajesh Roy Zacharias, MD

    Class of 2015

    "Always grateful for the faculty , staff and senior fellows who had an impact on my training and growth. Leading rounds in the ICU, the Interventional Pulmonary medicine experience and the opportunity to teach were a real asset in the real world."

  • Will Wong, DO

    Will Wong, DO

    Class of 2018

    "I chose UMass for fellowship because I believed that great leadership would always be the most important resource when there is conflict. Throughout my time as a fellow, I always felt supported by my program directors and I knew that they always had my back. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw the leaders once again demonstrate how to thoughtfully organize resources and help the fellows thrive in a time when they faced the most turmoil."

  • Jared Mickelson, DO

    Jared Mickelson, DO

    Class of 2020

    Experiencing fellowship in a large volume center with expansive autonomy and clinical challenges was essential. In addition, central Massachusetts is a great place to live. What really sets UMass apart is the people. The support from dedicated attendings and hardworking co-fellows was irreplaceable, it is truly a family.

  • Marie Mullen, MD

    Marie Mullen, MD

    Class of 2017

    “The UMass Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship experience is amazing and unparalleled. The fellowship offers exposure to a tremendous variety of pulmonary and critical care processes combined with phenomenal teaching and scholarship. The fellowship offers an exceptional education with a focus on procedural excellence.”