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Command Staff

Chief Clanford "Leon" Pierce
Deputy Chief Nancy O'Loughlin
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Sergeants and Officers



Jackdier Lozada Sergeant
Louis Copponi  Sergeant
Lamar Watkins Sergeant
Matthew Mitchell Sergeant
Amanda Joaquin Sergeant 
Judy Lam Sergeant 
Daniel O’Brien Police Officer
Greg Sullivan Police Officer
David Cerreto Police Officer
Tyler Daigneault  Police Officer
Randi Fisher Police Officer 
Ryan Laskowski Police Officer
Taigue Stephenson Police Officer
Andrew Reed Police Officer 
Michael Tanis Police Officer
Cameron Caldwell Police Officer
Shane Brien Police Officer-Trainee
Nathan Kay  Police Officer-Trainee
Mikelange Bernard Police Officer-Trainee

Communications and Administrative Staff



Jeremy Skalin Lead Dispatcher
James Vear Dispatcher
Henry Vincent Dispatcher
Craig Warman Dispatcher
Nicholas Salkiewicz Dispatcher
KaLynn Caveness Dispatcher
Catherine Dixon Compliance and Accreditation Manager
Morgan Lee Administrative Coordinator III
Shane Mitchell Security and Safety Aid Manager