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Finger Printing


Fingerprinting services are available to employees and students for requirements listed below and are provided free by the Unversity Police. 

Irradiator Clearence 

Select Agents/BL3 Clearence 

In-State or Out of State Job requirments

Fingerprinting services are by appointment only

 Email : or Request by Phone 508-856-3977 and select Option # 2.

Please include reason for fingerprints, your name, phone number, job title, University Email. 

When you come for fingerprints- You will need to bring in your (Government) ID, and know your Social Security number.

Our station is located on the main level of the South garage to the left of the cashier windows, after entering the lobby, pick up the phone and you will be connected to our dispatcher and an officer will be out to greet you shorty.