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Second Year Rotations

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow Rotations (Year 2)

Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT/CBAT)

The YOU, Inc. Wetzel center is an acute residential treatment setting that is dedicated to latency age children.  Fellows will integrate into the multi-disciplinary team and provide psychiatric care for youth aged 5-12 under the supervision of the medical director, Dr. Allison Beckler.  The Wetzel Center rotation will focus on pharmacologic and behavioral management of these youth and the fellow will carry their own caseload of 4 patients.  The fellows will be leading the multidisciplinary team in formulating a treatment plan involving the family and systems of care in Central MA.

Addictions Block/Group Therapy – Motivating Youth Recovery (MYR)

CAP fellows will work at MYR which is one of only two residential substance abuse programs in the state that support adolescents with substance use disorders.  It is a 24-bed acute detox and treatment center that provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment with after care planning utilizing a multidisciplinary team.  Responsibilities include delivering psychiatric care for patients under the supervision of Dr. Abita Raj and facilitation of group psychotherapy involving patients/families with their multidisciplinary staff.

Mood and Psychosis Clinic

This is a subspecialty clinic within the CANDO clinic that focuses on multisystem involved youth with complex mood and/or psychotic disorders.  Supervised by our division chief, Dr. Yael Dvir, fellows will have the opportunity to participate and eventually lead consultations for these youth.  These evaluations take place over the course of two weeks with 2-hour sessions each week to allow for review of records, obtaining collateral information from current and past providers, and examining the youth with their families/guardians.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Clinic (NDCC)

The NDCC is another sub specialty clinic offered through CANDO.  Fellows will consolidate knowledge of developmental disabilities in children and adolescents and participate in a multi-disciplinary team assessment that includes psychiatry, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology over the course of 2 visits.  An initial visit consists of an extensive multidisciplinary examination followed by collection of collateral from relevant providers, PCPs, schools, and community service agencies to generate a comprehensive treatment plan that is provided in a face to face visit at the subsequent visit followed by a written report.  Fellows will participate in multiple assessments over a 4-month period and gain experience in performing these complex consultations and authoring these comprehensive treatment plans.

CANDO Bridging Clinic

This clinic is designed to provide short term stabilization and treatment for youth that have previously had consultations completed either through MCPAP or our Child Psychiatry Consult/Liaison Service.  Fellows will have their own panel of patients and provide psychopharmacologic treatment and management under the supervision of Dr. David Cochran with plan to transfer care back to the primary care provider or a psychiatrist in the community after 4 visits.

Juvenile Justice Residential Unit

Fellows will work alongside Dr. Matt Lahaie who has a J.D. in addition to being trained as an adult and child psychiatrist.  They will develop knowledge of the criminal court systems, the range of dispositions offered, court commitments, and the probation services.  CAP trainees will integrate into a multidisciplinary team which consists of social workers, medical providers, corrections officers, and psychiatry and will have increasing responsibility in psychiatric management throughout the rotation.

Adolescent Medicine Integrated Care

The Adolescent Medicine clinic is a combination of primary care and subspecialty practice that includes primary care providers, Ob-Gyn, and behavioral health.  Patients are referred for complex medical and behavioral issues that include eating disorders, substance use, PTSD, and multi-system involvement.  Fellows will work alongside these providers providing consultation and short-term stabilization with indirect supervision from Dr. Brian Skehan.  They will gain experience in managing these youth in an integrated care setting as well as systems-based practice supervision for this model.

School Rotation

Led by Dr. Kimberlee Kusiak, fellows will have the opportunity to work in two different school districts in the region, advising educators and support staff about trauma focused support for students struggling in the educational setting.  The rotation will include visits to the Assabet Valley Collaborative School which serves as a regional school for youth that struggle in traditional academic settings.  This program utilizes DBT and Positive Based Incentive Support (PBIS) to help youth reach their potential.