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Ali MZ, Parisutham V, Choubey S, Brewster RC. (2020). Inherent Regulatory Asymmetry Emanating From Network Architecture in a Prevalent Autoregulatory Motif, eLife 2020;9:e56517.

Das D, Dey S, Brewster RC*, Chuobey S.* (2017). Effect of Transcription Factor Resource Sharing on Gene Expression noise, PLoS Comp Bio 13, e1005491.DEKKER LAB PUB NO BACKGROUND.jpg

Oomen ME, Hedger AK, Watts JK, Dekker J. (2020). Detecting chromatin interactions between and along sister chromatids with SisterC. Nat Methods 17, 1002-9.

Tavares-Cadete F, Norouzi D, Dekker B, Liu Y, Dekker J. (2020) Multi-contact 3C reveals that the human genome during interphase is largely not entangled. Nat Struct Mol Biol On line.

Abramo K, Valton A-L, Venev SV, Ozadam H, Fox AN, Dekker J. (2019). A Chromosome Folding Intermediate at the Condensin-to-Cohesin Transition During Telophase. Nat Cell Biol 21, 1393-1402.LEE LAB PUB NO BKGROUND.jpg

Cruz-Gordillo P, Honeywell ME, Harper NW, Leete T, Lee MJ. (2020) ELP-dependent expression of MCL1 promotes resistance to EGFR inhibition in triple-negative breast cancer cells. Science Signaling 13(658), eabb9820.

Schwartz HR*, Richards R*, Fontana RE, Joyce AJ, Honeywell ME, Lee MJ. (2020). Drug GRADE: an Integrated Analysis of Population Growth and Cell Death Reveals Drug-Specific and Cancer Subtype-Specific Response Profiles. Cell Rep 31, 107800.

Richards R, Schwartz HR, Honeywell ME, Stewart MS, Cruz-Gordillo P, Joyce AJ, Landry BD, Lee MJ. (2020) Drug Antagonism and Single Agent Dominance Result from Differences in Death Kinetics. Nature Chem Biol 16, 791-800.MITCHELL LAB PUB NOBKGROUND.jpg

Rosener B, Sayin S, Oluoch PO, Garcia Gonzalez AP, Mori H, Walhout AJM, Mitchell A. (2020). Evolved bacterial resistance against fluoropyrimidines can lower chemotherapy impact in the Caenorhabditis elegans host. eLife 2020;9:e59831.

 Xavier JB, et al. (2019). The Cancer Microbiome: Distinguishing Direct and Indirect Effects Requires a Systemic View. Trends in Cancer.

Dahan O, Dorfman BS, Sayin S, Rosener B, Hua T, Yarden A, Mitchell A. (2019). Harnessing robotic automation and web-based technologies to modernize scientific outreach. PLoS Biology.SHANK LAB PUBNOBACKGROUND.jpg

imageqsk9.png imagem1u0a.png

Sharma K, Palatinszky M, Nikolov G, Berry D, Shank EA. (2020) Transparent soil microcosms for live-cell imaging and non-destructive stable isotope probing of soil microorganisms. Elife 9:e56275

Yannarell SM, Grandchamp GM, Chen S-Y, Daniels KE, Shank EA. (2019) A dual-species biofilm with emergent mechanical and protective properties. J Bacteriologypii: JB.00670-18. 

Grubbs KJ*, Bleich RM*, Santa Maria KC, Allen SE, AgBiome Team, Shank EA, and Bowers AA. (2017) Large-scale bioinformatics analysis of Bacillus genomes uncovers conserved roles of natural products in bacterial physiology. mSystems  2, pii:e00040-17. WALHOUT LAB PUB NO BKGROUND.jpg

Rosener B, Sayin S, Oluoch PO, Garcia Gonzalez AP, Mori H, Walhout AJM, Mitchell A. (2020). Evolved bacterial resistance against fluoropyrimidines can lower chemotherapy impact in the Caenorhabditis elegans host. eLife 2020;9:e59831.Molecular Systems Biology CoverYilmaz LS, Li X, Nanda S, Fox B, Schroeder F, Walhout AJM. (2020). Modeling tissue‐relevant Caenorhabditis elegans metabolism at network, pathway, reaction, and metabolite levels. Mol Syst Biol 16:e9649.

Giese GE, Walker MD, Ponomarova O, Zhang H, Li X, Minevich G, Walhout AJM. (2020) C. elegans methionine/S-adenosylmethionine cycle activity is sensed and adjusted by a nuclear hormone receptor. eLife 9:e60259.

Na H, Zdraljevic S, Tanny RE, Walhout AJM, Andersen EC. (2020). Natural variation in a glucuronosyltransferase modulates propionate sensitivity in a C. elegans propionic acidemia model. PLoS Genet 16(8):e1008984.

Zhang J, Li X, Olmedo M, Holdorf AD, Shang Y, Artal-Sanz M, Yilmaz LS, Walhout AJM. (2019). A Delicate Balance between Bacterial Iron and Reactive Oxygen Species Supports Optimal C. elegans Development. Cell Host Microbe 26, 400-11.

Bulcha JT, Giese GE, Ali MZ, Lee Y-U, Walker MD, Holdorf AD, Yilmaz LS, Brewster RC, Walhout AJM. (2019). A Persistence Detector for Metabolic Network Rewiring in an Animal. Cell Rep 26, 460-68.


Maire T, Allertz T, Betjes MA, Youk H. (2020) Dormancy-to-death transition in yeast spores occurs due to gradual loss of gene-expressing ability, Mol Syst Biol Mol Syst Biol 16:e9245.

Laman Trip DS, Youk H. (2020) Yeasts collectively extend the limits of habitable temperatures by secreting glutathione, Nature Microbiology 5:943-954.

Dang Y, Grundel DAJ, Youk H. (2020) Cellular dialogues: cell-cell communication through diffusible molecules yields dynamic spatial patterns, Cell Systems 10:1-17.