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We emphasize enrollment of trainees from a wide range of disciplines such as medicine, nursing, epidemiology, social sciences, computer science, psychology, health communications and health services research. Trainees will institute tailored training plans that are guided by a mentorship team.

As a trainee, you will receive mentored training to:

  • Complete didactic and research training
  • Develop your own independent projects and career plans
  • Participate as an active member of a research team on projects related to cancer prevention and control
  • Contribute to grant applications, ongoing project management, data collection efforts, analyses of study data and writing groups
  • Learn grant writing skills
  • Prepare and submit manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals and give presentations about research findings
  • Participate in a weekly seminar with other trainees, faculty and guest speakers

Postdoctoral trainees without formal research training may pursue a 3-year trainee program and enroll in the UMass Chan Medical School Master of Science in Clinical Investigation program.