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Letter from the Program Director

To all prospective applicants:

Thank you for your interest in the University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.  We offer a fully accredited one-year program with two fellows per year.

The goal for the Sports Medicine Fellowship is to provide comprehensive learning experience ultimately developing a solid foundation for independent functioning as a Sports Medicine Practitioner.  We believe this experience is accomplished by three broad areas of study throughout the fellowship program:

  • Clinical problem solving
  • Core Curriculum
  • Psychomotor surgical skill development
Clinical Problem Solving
  • 4-one half hour clinic days with sports medicine staff members
  • One half day of sports medicine fellowship clinic (own clinic) supervised by an attending staff member
  • On site and training room evaluation, diagnosis and treatment with eventually without an attending staff member
  • On site game coverage with and without an attending sports medicine physician
  • Off site regional and national workshops
  • You will be responsible for one college, one high school, and will be active in covering an AHL hockey team, AAA and AA baseball team.
Psychomotor Surgical Skill Development

The fellowship will provide an operative environment and experience, which will enhance the fellow's psychomotor skills to become technically more proficient in both open and arthroscopic sports medicine procedures.  During the fellowship the fellow is taught all the necessary skills needed to take care of routing sports medicine surgical cases.  As the fellow becomes technically more proficient, it is our goal to allow them to do more complex primary and or revision cases with the attending's support.
These goals are obtained by:
1) 2-3 days of surgery per week with a specifically assigned attending;
2) on and off site anatomic dissection labs, and
3) on and off site professional psychomotor skill labs.

We encourage you take a few minutes to look at our website and learn more about our program. Please contact Michelle Auger, Resident Program Coordinator at 774-442-4262 or with questions or additional information. 


Brian D. Busconi, MD
Sports Medicine Fellowship Program