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Hitting It Out of the Park

Date Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2021

It was a perfect day for baseball in mid-September. The batter hesitantly approached the plate and gazed out into the open field. He looked the first pitch off -- common for rookies. He reset his feet, took a deep breath, and with surgical precision, swung his bat and launched the ball far into left field! The crowd went WILD! He let out a shout as his teammates cheered him on. Not bad for his first-time playing baseball. 

Dr. Omar Abdelmegid and his fellow residents had a blast at the Woo Sox batting practice. These all-star docs had the chance to take the field at the brand-new Polar Park. They took turns facing off against the team’s pitching machine and swinging for the fences just like the pros! This half day vacation from the Eye Center was set up by our chair, Dr. Shlomit Schaal. It was an afternoon filled with laughs, hot dogs, ophthalmology puns, and surprisingly few pulled muscles. With the start of the academic year, new traditions and fresh beginnings are exciting the eye team. The residents won't soon forget their afternoon as minor league baseball stars. 

Woo Sox batting practice
Woo Sox batting practiceWoo Sox batting practice