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Eye Team Celebrates the end of 2020 with the first Virtual Eye Ball

Date Posted: Monday, December 14, 2020

Dear Eye Team,

We had an unforgettable Eye Ball last night! It was a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of everyone’s homes and loved ones. Thank you Dr. Dickson, Dean Flotte, and Dianna Caffarena for taking the time to greet our team, we appreciate you joining us in the festive. We had over 100 participants from 58 households over 3 continents (America, Europe, and Africa).

My appreciation to you and to your families for taking the time to celebrate this memorable evening with our Eye Team family: clinicians, scientists, faculty, staff, residents, students and researchers!

If you missed the party last night here are the main highlights:

  • Eye Team 2020 Video (team generated, edited by our creative and capable Anita). Here is the link to watch the video:
  • Eye Center Innovator of the Year 2020 Award (see attached certificates, all awards are accompanied by a $50 prize through UMatter Central)
  1. Manisha Anand in 3rd place with 11 implemented ideas in 2020
  2. Sherri Granger in 2nd place with 12 implemented ideas in 2020
  3. David Rivera in 1st place with 14 implemented ideas in 2020
  • Eye Center Award of Excellence for Outstanding Service in Promoting our Department’s Mission (see attached certificates)
  1. Sherri Granger, Technician Lead
  2. Diamond Parrilla, ASR Lead
  • Amazing Musical Talents:
  1. Dr. Valdes and her siblings, Chris and Larissa, played in a Trio “O Holy Night”
  2. Manisha and her son, Mitesh, played and sang: “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Hallelujah”
  • Beautiful Poetry Talents (poems attached):
  1. Jackie
  2. Katherine wrote and read the original and humorous “Winter Poem”
  • Sharing 2020 stories: Eye Team members shared some stories from an unforgettable special year
  • Match the fun-fact: here is what we learned last night about our team members:
  1. Dr. Ding is in a women’s dance group
  2. Dr. Thura has a twin
  3. Dr. Faustina traded her motorcycle for Prince tickets
  4. Dr. Al-Kadhi can say Thank You in 15 languages
  5. Mohana Gupta sings and talks to the mice when she works with them
  6. Dr. Schaal learns a new word every day from the dictionary
  7. Krasi used LEAN methodology to create a zero waste garden
  • Holiday Toast
  • The Dean shared “When the Doves Cry” by Prince


You can watch the entire party by clicking this link:

Thank you, Anita, for organizing this party, and thanks to everyone on the Eye Team who has shared video clips, photos, stories, and fun-facts.

Happy holidays!

Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD, MHCM

Virtual Eye Ball 202