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Eye Team Welcomes Katherine Ribeiro, BSc, MBA, as our New Eye Center Manager

Date Posted: Monday, May 25, 2020

Ms. Ribeiro will be joining the Eye Team as a Manager of Ambulatory and Procedural Services at the Eye Center. She has a rich professional background including operations optimization in both auto factories and print-mail facilities, complex budgeting and financial analysis, almost ten years of medical office management in a multi-site practice and also experience in academic administration.

She has most recently served at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as an academic administrator for the Master in Health Care Management Program, in which all students are physicians. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University and an MBA from Boston College.

Ms. Ribeiro is most excited about joining an already high-performing team that is taking on the new challenge of operating in the COVID-19 era and she is looking forward to learning and evaluating various ways to serve our patients' ongoing needs, while also protecting the team and supporting the institution.

She sees this as a wonderful professional opportunity to lead the Eye Team and serve the citizens of Central Massachusetts through this difficult time and beyond to the brighter days ahead. She also looks at the expected expansion of the Eye Team with new providers joining in the summer as a great opportunity for continued growth of the department's positive impact.

Katherine will join the Eye Team at UMass Memorial Health Care on June 29.

Welcome to the Eye Team family, Katherine!

Katherine Ribeiro