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A New Era of Advanced Cataract Surgery at UMass Memorial

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

UMass Memorial Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences has recently acquired the latest technology for performing advanced cataract surgeries. The new Centurion Vision System for cataract surgery represents the newest generation of cataract machines.

The new Centurion Vision System is able to maintain more stability within the eye during the cataract surgery procedures with fewer pressure fluctuations and less surge (by automatic pressure detecting and compensating technology) and overall more predictable surgical steps compared to the older Infinity system.

Ultimately, more stable eyes lead to more predictable surgery, which results in overall safer procedures. Dr. Gabriel Luna, OR leader of the department said: "This new equipment puts UMass Memorial Eye Team in the frontline of cataract technology". Dr. Luna is building an Eye Team that is focused around providing the best and most efficient care for cataract patients. The Eye Team members are ophthalmologists, nurses, eye technicians, CRNAs, and anesthesia doctors who all work together to deliver best value to patients and their family members.

Dr. Luna Cataract Surgery
Eye Team with the Centurion Vision System:
(From Left to Right: Enid Rodriguez, Michelle Puri, Dr. Gabriel Luna, Susan Gevry, Donna Godin)