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Odgren Lab

Odgren Lab 2013We are a small, basic science research lab focused on bone cell biology and genetics. One area of specialization has been the mapping of mutations in rats which compromise bone remodeling to learn more about how specific gene products impact skeletal metabolism. We have used this and other approaches to expand our knowledge of genes that are required for normal bone resorption. Long-range thinking about the function of these genes is anticipated to give insights for potential clinical intervention in some of the many widespread, costly, and crippling skeletal disorders – osteoporosis, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease, and the loosening of joint prostheses.

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Contact information:

Paul R. Odgren, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor
Department of Cell Biology, S7-242
UMass Chan Medical School
55 Lake Avenue, North
Worcester, MA 01655

Phone, 508 856 8609