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Community Outreach

Women’s Health Community Engagement Committee 




Empowering women and  promoting

health by enhancing positive connections

between the community and

UMass Memorial women’s health






The Women’s Health Community Engagement Committee was reorganized in 2009-2010 as part of the OB.GYN Department Strategic Planning Initiative. The original charge to the committee was enhancement of community health through a variety of mechanisms, such as identifying current community interactions, health needs, and health resources; facilitating new and on-going interactions, and documenting the department’s work.





1. Identify current key social service and community health organizations and services inside and outside of UMMMC, and their support needs.

2. Annually designate priority community problem areas related to women’s health as a focus for departmental engagement.

3. Centralize access to information regarding community activities and interests of department members.

4. Improve access to information related to community health resources and activities for the public and providers.

5. Stimulate on-going connections, engagement, communication, outcome assessment.



HOME_2011 Priorities


1. African Women's Health Care
2. Preconception Counseling