A Seven-Month-Old Boy is Latest Recipient of Cord Blood Unit

March 2011 - UMass Memorial Cord Blood Donation Program , the first of its kind in New England, to date has had hundreds of cord units added to the national registry of cord units. In addition, 13 cord units have been selected and sent for transplant. A seven-month-old boy was the most recent recipient. Others included an adult in the United States and a child suffering from the blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome.

In addition, the cord blood donation program now also supports and participates in two ongoing research efforts with UMass researchers. Mary Herlihy, MD, and director of the UMass Memorial/Lifeforce Cryobanks Intl. Umbilical Cord Blood Program noted that mothers and their babies make valuable contributions to the public inventory of cord blood through their donations and to research and both are available here!

For information about donating cord blood, call 800-869-8608, speak with your physician or visit the UMass Memorial web site.

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