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Celebrating collaboration, UMass Chan launches ‘Advancing Together’ brand

Medical students Sahana Bail and Karen Ghobrial pose in front of letters that spell out Advancing Together.
Medical students Sahana Bail and Karen Ghobrial in front of six-foot letters that spell out Advancing together

Collaboration and collegiality are the superpowers that help UMass Chan Medical School advance innovation; attract some of the world’s greatest minds; and train the next generation of physicians, nurse leaders and scientists. That is why on Wednesday, Sept. 6, faculty, staff and students gathered to celebrate the launch of UMass Chan’s new brand, Advancing Together.

Monserrat Olea Flores and Sandhya Yadav holding up signs that say Advancing research together.
At our photo booth, Monserrat Olea Flores and Sandhya Yadav of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology shared that they are advancing research together.

Activities took place in the lobbies of the Medical School Building and Albert Sherman Center, where selfie and button-making stations were set up, along with giveaway tables and an invitation to members of the UMass Chan community to share stories of how they are advancing the UMass Chan mission together.

Chancellor Michael Collins and members of executive leadership in front of the Advancing Together letters
Carolyn Brownawell, MBA, deputy executive vice chancellor for human resources; John Hayes, MBA, vice chancellor for advancement; Chancellor Michael F. Collins; Jennifer Berryman, vice chancellor for communications; and David Flanagan, deputy vice chancellor for facilities management

“We have the opportunity to attract learners and faculty and staff who could really go anywhere in the world. But they choose to come here because the culture of collaboration is something they see from the very beginning,” Chancellor Michael F. Collins said. “The ability to change the course of history of disease is right before us. The faculty come together knowing that. They come to a place where they can dream again, where they can know that they’re going to be with the finest minds that exist anywhere in the world, and where each person in the community cares for the other. That’s a very special place to be.”

Chancellor Collins’ Convocation message on Thursday, Sept. 14, will further define what it means to be advancing together. The event begins at 4 p.m. in the Albert Sherman Center Auditorium.

To see more stories about how UMass Chan is advancing together, visit the Advancing Together website.

Members of the ForHealth Consulting team in the Advancing Together selfie booth
Jorge Sanchez of the Diversity and Inclusion Office and ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School is a brand ambassador, as are Carla Kath and Maria Isaacs of ForHealth Consulting.
Krisanthi Giaya and Colleen Driskill pose in front of the Advancing Together letters
Krisanthi Giaya and Colleen Driskill are part of the Environmental Health & Safety Department, on the Biosafety Team. They stopped by the Medical School Lobby to learn about the Advancing Together campaign.