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Diversity Engagement Survey launches March 6 at UMass Chan Medical School

In virtual event, Diversity and Inclusion staff explain importance of tool to campus community

The Diversity and Inclusion Office at UMass Chan Medical School is preparing for the March 6 launch of the Diversity Engagement Survey, and held the last in a three-part informational series, the “Diversity Engagement Survey and You,” on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Angela Printy, diversity, equity and inclusion data analyst, explained that the survey, which will be emailed to all students, staff and faculty at UMass Chan, is categorized into eight factors that connect engagement theory to inclusion and diversity constructs. The survey is descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive, and points to strategic directions for change by identifying which engagement domains and inclusion factors to target for improvement. Since the survey was implemented at UMass Chan in 2011, the Medical School has steadily improved on its quantitative benchmarks in all but one inclusion factor.

“I came in at the time when we were just getting back the results of the 2020 survey,” said Marlina Duncan, EdD, vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion. “So, I was able to see the results, really read those comments and get a sense of where we were and what my priorities coming into the role as the new chief diversity officer would be.”

The survey’s open comment section provides room for qualitative data to be collected. The survey includes themes around diversity and leadership, training, and the assurance that UMass Chan is committed to implementing changes that positively affect campus culture and climate; curriculum; diversity, equity and inclusion engagement and capacity; and access and equity in recruitment, retention, and advancement; as well as accountability.

“One of the things that we heard from several people is, how do we know what's going on in our department? How do we measure how the climate is,” said Lynn Hernandez, PhD, assistant vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion.

The 2023 survey will include new questions. In one of them, people can voluntarily share what department they are representing as it will give a snapshot of what the climate concerns are in departments and help to develop more targeted interventions to address some of the concerns that individuals might be experiencing.

Dr. Hernandez reassured listeners that confidentiality will be protected and that everyone gets a chance to take the survey. The survey opens on March 6 for all members of the campus community—faculty, staff and students—and remains open for the month of March.

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