‘Medicinal Flora of Massachusetts’ exhibit at Lamar Soutter Library

UMass Medical School Communications

July 25, 2017
  Witch Hazel from the 'Medicinal Flora of Massachusetts" exhibit

llustrating and describing the medicinal properties of plants has captured human interest for centuries and the search for new cures from the plant world is ongoing. The “Medicinal Flora of Massachusetts” exhibit, curated by Tess Grynoch, a library fellow in the Lamar Soutter Library, will feature medicinal plants that are found throughout the state and will highlight both their historical and modern uses as herbal remedies along with their sometimes-deadly side effects.

A feature of the exhibit will be a talk by Dayne Laskey, PharmD, assistant professor of clinical toxicology at the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy. Laskey will provide an introduction to medicinal plant uses and the University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy’s evidence-based medicine garden during his talk, “The Medicine Garden: Bioactive plants of the past, present and future” on Tuesday, Aug. 22, from noon to 1 pm. in Amphitheater I (S2-102).

The exhibit runs throughout August and September.

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