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Sherry Pagoto, PhD, inducted as Society of Behavioral Medicine president-elect

UMass Medical School Communications

April 03, 2017
  Sherry Pagoto, PhD

Sherry Pagoto, PhD

Sherry Pagoto, PhD, professor of medicine, has been selected as the president-elect of the Society of Behavioral Medicine by a vote of its membership. Dr. Pagoto was inducted at the society’s annual meeting in San Diego on April 1.

“Behavioral science has an enormous knowledge base that is ready for implementation in so many contexts,” Pagoto said. “The next step for us is creating partnerships that will facilitate that implementation.”

Pagoto, a nationally recognized expert in weight loss, nutrition, digital health and skin cancer prevention, will serve as president-elect for one year and become president in April 2018. As president of the 2,300-member organization of scientific researchers, clinicians and educators, Pagoto will seek opportunities to increase the role of behavioral science in patient care, the digital health industry and health policy.

A licensed clinical psychologist, Pagoto focuses on leveraging digital health in the treatment of obesity and on cancer prevention. She is the co-founder of the UMass Center for mHealth and Social Media and co-chairman of the National Indoor Tan-Free Skin Smart Campus initiative. She has published more than 150 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. She has earned numerous awards, including the Obesity Society Pioneer in mHealth/eHealth Award in 2014, the Society of Behavioral Medicine Early Career/Young Investigator Award in 2006 and the Society of Behavioral Medicine Distinguished Service Award in 2009.

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