Boston Globe: Work Without Limits connecting disabled with jobs

By Lisa M. Larson

UMass Medical School Communications

July 01, 2014

UMass Medical School’s Work Without Limits program is helping people with disabilities find jobs, according to a story in the July 1 Boston Globe.

Marshfield’s Neil McGrath, 38, paralyzed from the chest down after a swimming accident 16 years ago, credits the program for connecting him with his first full-time job, answering phone calls about insurance claims and benefits for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

“It’s a tremendous blessing,” McGrath, who no longer receives Social Security disability insurance, told the Globe. “No matter how much it changes our financial situation, it just really gives me the opportunity to fulfill my vocation. My vocation isn’t working at Blue Cross. My vocation is to be a husband and father.”

Work Without Limits Senior Program Director Kathy Petkauskos said telecommuting and other flexible work arrangements make it easier for employers to hire people with special needs.

 “The time is right to really turn up the dial in these flexible work environments,” she said. “It’s really kind of the next wave of diversity for these companies.”

Read the full story at: Boston Globe: Disabilities can bolster diversity

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