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Neuro Immunology and MS Center

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Patients are seen in the UMass Memorial Multiple Sclerosis Center for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and other neuro-immunological diseases including:

Specialty Care
Multiple Sclerosis Neurosarcoidosis
CNS Lupus Neuroinfections
Vasculitis Neuro-HIV, NeuroLyme
Headaches Chronic Neuroinflammation conditions, ME/CFS

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is in the heart of Central Massachusetts at the University Campus. We provide neurological diagnostic evaluations for new patients and those seeking a second opinion. Over the course of decades, our team of doctors has created a reputable Comprehensive Care center.

We are committed to developing new treatments to help MS patients.
We address many aspects of a patient’s illness and life well beyond the disease itself. We evaluate patients for assistive devices such as canes, wheelchairs, and scooters in addition to a range of sensitive issues patients may be suffering from:

  depression and other disturbances of mood fatigue
  stress sleep disorders
  bladder/bowel control headaches
Our national non-profit foundation partners:  

MS Center participation with the National MS Society

     National Multiple Sclerosis Society
     Accelerated Cure Project
     Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
     Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers
     Multiple Sclerosis Foundation