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Digital Medicine

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The Program in Digital Medicine seeks to leverage the remarkable advancements in computer technology to make meaningful improvements in the management of patients within the University of Massachusetts Academic Healthcare System and beyond.  By developing, evaluating, and deploying digital health solutions on our campus, the Program in Digital Medicine seeks to join other medical centers that are entering the new “Digital Frontier.”  

Every day in our medical system a vast amount of data is generated from patient encounters. Recent efforts to harness this data have been successful but there remains a missed opportunity to realize the full extent of this opportunity to innovate using EMR data. There is a substantial amount of data, especially from imaging modalities, that is left behind and lost due to a lack of fully annotated and multimedia data warehouse.  

Analysis of extracted data could allow clinicians to better understand their patients’ illnesses and consider novel patient-specific treatments. The initial goals of the Program in Digital Medicine are to assist divisions across the medical system in identifying what key patient data is being lost and to provide strategies for extraction.  With this data, the Program in Digital Medicine seeks to study and utilize cutting-edge technological advancements (such as machine learning) to generate clinical decision tools and management strategies that directly impact patients.  Our group includes physician-scientists, health service researchers, biostatisticians, informaticians, device engineers, and administrators with a proven track record in the field of digital medicine and research. 

The Program in Digital Medicine aims to provide the technical expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions, the framework for evaluation of new technology using best practices in health service research, and know-how for integrating proven technologies in the workflow of healthcare delivery.

By serving as a bridge between clinical systems and research operations at the UMass Academic Healthcare system, the Program in Digital Medicine is uniquely positioned to be a driver of innovation and academic excellence on our campus while also providing impactful data-driven solutions for our patients.

For more information, contact: Hilary Dupre