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Digital Medicine

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Charter Statement

The Program in Digital Medicine uses best practices in data science, technology development, and health service research to inform clinical decision support, remote observation, and pragmatic clinical studies focused on demonstrating feasibility, validity, and efficacy of new and emerging technologies to improve patient outcomes.

Mission Statement

The Program in Digital Medicine will champion the adoption and deployment of digital healthcare technology by bridging clinical and research enterprises within the UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Academic Health system.

Vision Statement

The Program in Digital Medicine aspires to grow UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Health into a global thought and innovation leader in the digital health innovation space.

Priority Areas

Clinical Decision Support

- AI-based algorithms: image, notes, and structured data
- Digital integration of best evidence-based practices

Remote Monitoring

- Wearable technology and sensors
- Point-of-care diagnostics
- Prescriptive surveillance

Patient-centered outcomes

- E-Cohorts; Siteless studies
- Digitally adapting patient-facing instruments
- Addressing health disparities through digital-based participatory methods

Ongoing Projects

Risk Stratification

- AI on EUS Imaging
- DECOMP scoring for COVID-19
- Hospital at Home Triage Scores
- Virtual Glucose Monitoring

Siteless Trials

- Test Us at Home

Pragmatic Trials

- EPIC Deterioration Index BPA

PDM Research Model


Program Leadership

Honghuang Lin, PhD - Program Co-Director

Research Focus: Bioinformatics analysis of multi-omics data; Digital phenotyping; Machine learning modeling 

- Integration of multi-omics data and gene regulation network to   understand disease molecular mechanisms
- Development of machine learning models from digital and wearable technologies for the early disease diagnosis and health monitoring

Neil Marya, MD - Program Co-Director

Research Focus: AI/ML models for image analysis, diagnostics, and digital pathology  

- Endoscopic ultrasound convolutional neural network model (EUS-CNN) to enhance the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
- CNN models for digital pathology

Apurv Soni, MD, PhD - Program Co-Director

Research Focus: Risk prediction and stratification models; digital site-less trials; implementation science, pragmatic trials, and health equity

- Large scale digital siteless trials to evaluate clinical performance of medical devices for FDA
- Novel use of EHR and claims data for risk stratification, clinical decision scores, just-in-time, and comparative-effectiveness research in the context of a learning health system
- Community-based research that uses data science and health technologies to address resource limitations among underserved populations

David McManus, MD, ScM - Executive Sponsor

Research Focus: Mobile and digital health technologies; pragmatic trials; implementation science 

- Development and implementation of digital health solutions to improve cardiovascular health
- Digital technologies and artificial intelligence for the diagnosis and management of heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders

Digital Medicine Fellows

Andreas Fillipaios, MD
- Pulsewatch
- ECG-based Predictive Analytics
- Test Us at Home - RADx 

Tenes Paul, DO
- NexUS Heart: Novel Exams Using Smart Technology for Heart Health
- Pulsewatch

Digital Medicine Trainees

Eric Ding, PhD (MD/PhD Candidate)
- NexUS Heart: Novel Exams Using Smart Technology for Heart Health
- Pulsewatch

Carly Herbert (MD/PhD Candidate) 
- Test Us at Home - RADx

Digital Medicine Scholars

Sakenia Howard-Wilson, DO
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hospital Medicine

Research Focus: Use of digital technologies to improve representation of racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically underrepresented populations

Taki Michaelidis, MD, MBA 
Medical Director, Hospital at Home

Research Focus: Enterprising digital technologies for acute care in alternate care settings

Meghna Trivedi, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine, CQO Hospital Medicine

Research Focus: Quality improvement through implementation of evidence-based practices and novel digital solutions

Operational Leaders

David Paquette, PhD - Scientific Director

Patrick St. Jean - Program Operations Director

Katarina Lewczyk - Communications Director 

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