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Program Objective

The goal of the MD/PHD program is to provide highly motivated students the opportunities to develop skills and experience in biomedical investigation and the practice of medicine. This is a rigorous and challenging program, and upon successful completion the student is awarded both the PHD in Biomedical Sciences and the MD. Our goal is to train physician-scientists who will make significant contributions to health care and who will become the leaders of academic medicine.

The primary responsibility of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine is to provide today's students with an accessible, comprehensive and personally rewarding medical education of the highest quality and one which optimally prepares them to excel as tomorrow's physicians. They will have the skills to be caring, competent, productive and self-fulfilled in their chosen career serving a diversity of patients, communities and the health sciences. The school provides opportunity for training in the full range of medical disciplines.

The Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences comprises over 350 research faculty who share a passion for biomedical research. It is committed to providing the very best and most exciting research training experience to our students and to serving the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond through outstanding biomedical research and education.