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Nakesha Agyapong

Cardiovascular Medicine – McManus Lab​
Radiology and Pathology​
Undergraduate Institution: 
College of the Holy Cross​​

Being a part of the PRISM program has given me the opportunity to form connections with mentors, other members of the lab, and other physicians at here at UMass. The monthly seminars are very informative with topics ranging from what UMass is doing to promote diversity on campus, to panels with physicians of color, which shows how dedicated the program is to addressing the underrepresentation of minorities in the healthcare field. The feeling of community and the support system PRISM has is very impactful.

Camarlin Franco

Neurology – Muehlschlegel Lab
Interests: ​
Undergraduate Institution:
Worcester State University​

Being a part of the PRISM program has been an amazingly rewarding experience that has had an impact on me and where I see myself in the future. The importance of seeing people like yourself in highly esteemed positions is so significant and has been life altering. Being able to grow in this environment with my peers has been nothing like I have experienced before. I have been presented with opportunities that I wouldn’t even have dreamt of. I hope this same experience can be extended to many other and I can’t wait to see how this will evolve in the future. 

Daniel Mbusa                                                               

Lab: Cardiovascular Medicine - Kapoor Lab​
Undergraduate Institution:
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

As someone who is interested in becoming a physician, I joined PRISM for mentoring and shadowing opportunities during the two gap years I plan on doing before applying to medical school. Through PRISM, I have been able to shadow physicians and to work as a clinical research coordinator. The PRISM program, however, has given me so much than I can describe. PRISM has brought me close to people who gladly offer their time and energy to support me. I am so thankful to PRISM for providing me with very supportive mentors and friends I can rely on for guidance and encouragement with the medical school application process, work, and personal life. 

Matheus Montenario

McManus Lab/DOM Core​
Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine​
Undergraduate Institution:
Worcester State University

It is a true privilege to be a member of the first cohort of the PRISM program at the UMass Chan. The ample number of opportunities offered through this program is greatly aiding in both my development and forming quality connections with tech-savvy researchers, skilled nurses, excellent principal investigators, and masterful physicians. This program granted me the opportunity to shadow various physicians join the country's number one hospital at-home program and jumpstart my career in working on scientific articles. Working alongside fellow members of historically underrepresented groups in medicine is irreplaceable and I can say with the utmost certainty that this opportunity placed me in the perfect environment to apply the knowledge and skills I have obtained throughout my undergraduate career. I am certain this program was a major step in the right direction and greatly aided in my development to become a more well-rounded scientist and future physician. 

Tatiana Thompson

Lab: Neurology - Silver/Brown Lab​
Neurology and Psychiatry
Undergraduate Institution:
College of the Holy Cross

I have been a part of the PRISM program for about six months and have had nothing but positive experiences since joining. One of the many benefits of being a part of the PRISM program is that you have access to amazing and intelligent faculty, primarily through our “Monthly Seminars”. These seminars are designed to connect members of the program to other individuals in the medical field in addition to exposing them to resources and opportunities. Although majority of my time has been spent online, my ability to attend these monthly programs was not hindered. Accommodations for virtual attendance was made without hesitation and that is the type of treatment that is given to PRISM members. As an individual apart of a minority group, being made a priority in daily life can seem, at times, no existent, however that gap is truly bridged being a part of this program. Connecting with its members along with Edith, who spear heads this program, has been easy and efficient. ​

In addition to the monthly seminars, members of the program have bi-weekly check ins with Edith. During these meetings I update her on my current struggles, future goals, and success that I have accomplished since our last meeting. Although there are times where I do not have much to update on, I am grateful for these check in’s as they are good to have someone to talk to who is in a similar position as you are. The guidance, support, and advice I have received through this program has been very beneficial and I hope it continues to expand and prosper as it has been doing.