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Current MCCB Students

  • Levi Ali

    Levi Ali

    Hayes Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    Elucidating the function of the mitrochondrial protease LONP1

  • Ceasar Bautista Sotelo

    Ceasar Bautista Sotelo

    Lodato | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
    Ceasar is working on understanding the role of mutational mosaicism in normal aging and its age-associated diseases including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in the brain

  • Chun-Hao Chao

    Chun-Hao Chao

    Fazzio Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    The functional role of R-loop in stem cell differentiation

  • Jane Chuprin

    Jane Chuprin

    Green | MD/PHD Program
    "Retoring anti-tumor immunity by targeting oncogenic KRAS in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma"

  • Ke Cong

    Ke Cong

    Cantor Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Ke's research is to understand how the replication stress response is coordinated and regulated by the interaction between BRCA-FA and MMR pathways.

  • Michelle Conti

    Michelle Conti

    Benanti Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Michelle is interested in how multisite phosphorylation regulates the functions of transcription factors.

  • Kyvan Dang

    Kyvan Dang

    Mao Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Kyvan Dang is studying the role of Hippo pathway kinases LAT's in the regulation of homeostasis and tumorigenesis in the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Mihir Doshi

    Mihir Doshi

    Kim Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Interested in studying the metabolic differences between cancer cells in the context of chemotherapy resistance.

  • Mackenzie Flynn

    Mackenzie Flynn

    Benanti Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    Mackenzie is interested in understanding the mechanisms of crosstalk between stress-response pathways

  • Daniel Hildalgo

    Daniel Hildalgo

    Socolovsky Lab | Cancer Biology

    "Understanding cell cycle dependent cell fate decisions during erythropoiesis (red blood cell formation)"

  • Feston Idrizi

    Feston Idrizi

    Feston Idrizi | Lawson Lab

  • Ailsa Jeffries

    Ailsa Jeffries

    Lodata | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
    "Understanding the role of neuronal somatic mutations in brain aging"

  • Emmet Karner

    Emmet Karner

    Mercurio | Cancer Biology
    Current research involves understanding the role of the integrin β4 in aggressive cancers and tumor heterogeneity

  • Luk Kevin

    Luk Kevin

    Wolfe | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
    "Protein engineering of CRIPR-Cas systems for improved therapeutic (Beta hemoglobinopathies) and research applications"

  • Sookyung Kim

    Sookyung Kim

    Haynes Lab | MD/PhD Program, Cancer Biology

    Sookyung is studying identifying mitochondrial dysfunction regulators

  • Silviana Lee

    Silviana Lee

    Cantor Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Silvia is investigating mechanisms of DNA replication stress response in the Fanconi anemia pathway.

  • Michael Lero

    Michael Lero

    Shaw | Cancer Biology Program
    Michael is exploring the role of the insulin receptor and insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor in breast cancer progression and metastasis

  • Dimpi Mukhopadhyay

    Dimpi Mukhopadhyay

    Mercurio Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    "Mechanisms that contribute to the function of cancer stem cells with an emphasis on the role of specific calcium channels"


  • Kevin O'Connor

    Kevin O'Connor

    Kelliher Lab | MD/PhD Program, Cancer Biology

    "Defining leukemia-initiating cells in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia"

  • Karthikeyan Ponnienselvan

    Karthikeyan Ponnienselvan

    Wolfe Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    "Developing Cas9-Cas9 chimeras and Prim editors for therapeutic applications"

  • Lucas Restrepo

    Lucas Restrepo

    Baehrecke | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
    "Identifying novel genetic relationships to VPS13D that are implicated in mitrochondrial-selective autophagy in Drosophila development"

  • Yi Shan

    Yi Shan

    Green Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    "Identify novel therapeutic targets in cancer therapy"

  • Meghan Spears

    Meghan Spears

    Kim Lab | Cancer Biology

    "Identifying metabolic detoxification activities required in invasive cancer cells"

  • Sneha Suresh

    Sneha Suresh

    Wolfe Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    "Employing CRISPR-based systems to develop therapeutic modalities for pathogenic microduplication and haploinsufficiency disorders"

  • Nandhitha UmaNaresh

    Nandhitha UmaNaresh

    Haynes Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    "Bacterial pathogenesis, host metabolic adaptations and mitochondrial stress response"

  • Melanie Walker

    Melanie Walker

    Mercurio Lab | Cancer Biology Program

    Melanie is interested in the regulation of cell surface glycosylation in heterogeneous tumor propulations.

  • Tong Wu

    Tong Wu

    Fazzio Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    Tong is dissecting the mechanisms by which the Tip60-p400 chromatin remodeling complex is regulated by interactions with RNA.

  • Tianyi Ye

    Tianyi Ye

    Green Lab | Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

    "Identifying regulators of WRN to treat MSI colorectal cancers"

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