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Torres Lab Publications

Consequences of gaining an extra chromosome. Torres EM. Chromosome Res. 2023 Aug 25;31(3):24. doi: 10.1007/s10577-023-09732-w.

PMID: 37620607

De novo sphingolipid biosynthesis necessitates detoxification in cancer cells. Spears ME, Lee N, Hwang S, Park SJ, Carlisle AE, Li R, Doshi MB, Armando AM, Gao J, Simin K, Zhu LJ, Greer PL, Quehenberger O, Torres EM, Kim D. Cell Rep. 2022 Sep 27;40(13):111415. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.111415. 

PMID: 36170811 

Consequences of aneuploidy in human fibroblasts with trisomy 21. Hwang S, Cavaliere P, Li R, Zhu LJ, Dephoure N, Torres EM Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2021 Feb 9;118(6).

PMID: 33526671.

Suppressing Aneuploidy-Associated Phenotypes Improves the Fitness of Trisomy 21 Cells. Hwang S, Williams JF, Kneissig M, Lioudyno M, Rivera I, Helguera P, Busciglio J, Storchova Z, King MC, Torres EM. (2019)  Cell Reports. Nov 19 2019.


Serine-dependent Sphingolipid Synthesis is a metabolic liability of aneuploid cells. Hwang S, Gustafsson HT, O’Sullivan C, Bisceglia G, Huang X,  Klose C, Schevchenko A, Dickson RC, Cavaliere P, Dephoure N,  Torres EM. (2017). Cell Reports.

PMID: 29281829

Critical role for arginase 2 in obesity-associated pancreatic cancer. Zaytouni T, Tsai PY, Hitchcock DS, DuBois CD, Freinkman E, Lin L, Morales-Oyarvide V, Lenehan PJ, Wolpin BM, Mino-Kenudson M, Torres EM, Stylopoulos N, Clish CB, Kalaany NY. (2017).  Nature Communications.

PMID: 28808255 

Regulation of X-linked gene expression during early mouse development by Rlim. Wang F, Shin J, Shea JM, Yu J, Bošković A, Byron M, Zhu X, Shalek AK, Regev A, Lawrence JB, Torres EM, Zhu LJ, Rando OJ, Bach I. (2016)  Elife.

PMID: 27642011

No current evidence for widespread dosage compensation in S. cerevisiae. Torres EM, Springer M, Amon A. (2016). Elife. 

PMID: 26949255

Yeast as Models of Mitotic Fidelity. Torres E. (2015).  Recent Results Cancer Res. 200:143-64. 

PMID: 26376876

Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals posttranslational responses to aneuploidy in yeast. Dephoure N, Hwang S, O'Sullivan C, Dodgson SE, Gygi SP, Amon A, Torres EM. (2014). Elife.

PMID: 2573701

Transcriptional consequences of aneuploidy. Sheltzer, J.M., Torres, E.M., Dunham, M.J., and Amon, A. (2012).  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

PMID: 22802626

Thoughts on aneuploidy. Torres, E.M.,Williams, B.R., Tang, Y.C., and Amon, A. (2011).  Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology.

PMID: 21289044 

Identification of aneuploidy-tolerating mutations. Torres, E.M.,Dephoure, N., Panneerselvam, A., Tucker, C.M., Whittaker, C.A., Gygi, S.P., Dunham, M.J., and Amon, A. (2010).  Cell 143, 71-83.

PMID: 20850176

Aneuploidy: cells losing their balance. Torres, E.M.,Williams, B.R., and Amon, A. (2008).  Genetics 179, 737-746.

PMID: 18558649

Effects of aneuploidy on cellular physiology and cell division in haploid yeast. Torres, E.M.,Sokolsky, T., Tucker, C.M., Chan, L.Y., Boselli, M., Dunham, M.J., and Amon, A. (2007).  Science 317, 916-924. 


Protein-tyrosine kinase and GTPase signals cooperate to phosphorylate and activate Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP)/neuronal WASP. Torres, E.,and Rosen, M.K. (2006). Journal of Biological Chemistry 281, 3513-3520.

PMID: 16293614

A conserved amphipathic helix in WASP/Scar proteins is essential for activation of Arp2/3 complex. Panchal, S.C., Kaiser, D.A., Torres, E., Pollard, T.D., and Rosen, M.K. (2003). Nature Structural Biology 10, 591-598. 

PMID: 12872157

Contingent phosphorylation/dephosphorylation provides a mechanism of molecular memory in WASP. Torres, E., and Rosen, M.K. (2003).  Molecular Cell 11, 1215-1227.

PMID: 12769846