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Francesca Massi, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology; Director of the Massachusetts NMR Consortium

Research Focus: The Massi lab uses their expertise in NMR Spectroscopy to understand the dynamics of protein-RNA interactions.

Scientific Training: Francesca Massi received her Ph.D. in Chemistry with John E. Straub from Boston University and was a postdoctoral fellow with Arthur G. Palmer at Columbia University. Her research interests are protein function and dynamics studied with NMR spin relaxation experiments and computer simulations. Currently, her laboratory focuses on characterizing the structure, dynamics and function of RNA-binding proteins.  

Office Location: LRB 925
Lab Location: LRB 960 B, 970 N
Phone: 508-856-4501
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Mentoring Statement:

An optional but encouraged statement about your values and/or experiences in mentoring. It can be helpful to direct readers to the Lab Culture page here for more information.

My mentoring statement is inspired by that of the Colón-Ramos lab, in that our lab strives to “recognize, respect, and invest in the individual, celebrate diversity of thought, and foster collaborative efforts that allow us to jointly bring our unique experiences to bear in addressing the biology of [protein interactions]. I work to create a lab environment which honors scientific rigor and respects the dignity of individuals to create a learning and discovery space where we are all comfortable identifying and recognizing our unique strengths and opportunities for growth.” (Colón-Ramos, 2018)