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Lab Members

Francesca Massi

Francesca Massi, PhD

Principal Investigator

LRB 925
Tel: 508-856-4501

Francesca Massi received her Ph.D. in Chemistry with John E. Straub from Boston University and was a postdoctoral fellow with Arthur G. Palmer at Columbia University. Her research interests are protein function and dynamics studied with NMR spin relaxation experiments and computer simulations. Currently, her laboratory focuses on characterizing the structure, dynamics and function of RNA-binding proteins.

Asli Ertekin

Asli Ertekin, PhD

Sr. Research Scientist

LRB 960A


Megan McNeil

MD/PhD Student

LRB 960A

Brittany Morgan

Brittany Morgan, PhD

Research Specialist

LRB 960B

Michelle Mosqueda

Michelle Mosqueda, BS

Graduate Student

LRB 960A