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Lysosomal Diagnosis Treatment and Research Center

Our Staff

Enzyme replacement therapy is the current standard of care for several of the lysosomal storage disorders.  The Center at the University of Massachusetts is equipped to provide enzyme replacement therapy to ________ candidates. 

Meet our Medical Staff

The staff of the UMass Chan Medical School's Lysosomal Storage Disorder Treatment and Research Center is comprised of physicians expert in the fields of genetics, neurology, hematology, orthopedics, nephrology, radiology and cardiology expert in the treatment and support necessary for the symptomology associated with lysosomal disorders.

Dr. Edward I Ginns, MD, PhD
Director of the Center
Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry
Medical Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Dr. Ginns has a long history with the identification and treatment of Gaucher disease.  His research has had a major impact on current treatment regimens, and he continues his research to develop new strategies.

Genetics Catherine Nowik, MD
Neurology Edward I. Ginns, MD, PhD
Paul Marshall, MD
Hematology Michael Snyder, MD
Orthopedics David Ayers, MD
Radiology Waite