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Potential Rotation Projects

We are presently generating Mdm2 and MdmX-knockin mice in order to investigate the roles of cAbl-induced phosphorylation in p53 stability and function. This rotation will provide training in ES cell gene targeting, in analysis of cell genotypes, and in mouse modeling.

Another rotation project involves the generation of MdmX-mutant transgenes to explore the role of MdmX in chromosomal segregation in mammary carcinogenesis in mice. This rotation will provide training in cloning, in Southern analysis, and in the generation of transgenic mice.

We have recently generated Wnt5a-conditional mice. Analysis of the effects of Wnt5a deletion on hematopoiesis, in cancer, and in regulating the canonical Wnt/B-catenin signaling pathway will be undertaken. This rotation will provide training in mouse handling, in genotyping, and in cell sorting and FACS analysis.

Mice co-deleted for both p53 and Dicer in skin epithelium develop aggressive squamous cell carcinomas. These ongoing studies suggest that miRNAs function in the skin to prevent the accumulation of DNA damage. The role of miRNAs in activating p53 functions in skin epithelium and in suppressing cancer is presently being explored. This rotation will provide training in mouse handling and genotyping, in tumor histology, in miRNA analysis, and in culturing tumor cells.