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SPECTORx Project Summary


Summary: The study intervention is a patient-centered medication review and FCG support program called “Standardized PatiEnt-CenTered medicatiOn Review (SPECTORx) in Home Hospice”. This intervention combines 3 innovative, complementary, educational programs that, together, train hospice staff to create a comprehensive, patient-centered, medication management plan. These evidence-based tools equip hospice staff: 1. to systematically identify medications that can be stopped or tapered using STOPPFrail (Screening Tool of Older Persons Prescriptions) criteria; 2. to discontinue medications appropriately; and 3. to educate and support FCGs with medication administration and management challenges. The SPECTORx program also creates an online learning community for hospice clinicians to promote ongoing education and practice change.

Recent Publication:

Krishnaswami A, Steinman MA, Goyal P, Zullo AR, Anderon TS, Birtcher KK, Goodlin SJ, Maurer MS, Alexander KP, Rich MW, Tjia J.  Deprescribing in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease: Rationale, Evidence and Strategies. J Am Coll Cardiol.