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We consider Internship supervisors as educators and mentors


We encourage any IT employee who is interested in becoming an internship supervisor to submit a request for an intern. If you want to be a supervisor, prepare a position description that captures our culture and work expectations. The most effective internships, which pull in brilliant students, are intriguing and offer opportunities to innovate. Fill out the Internship Request Form below for each position that adheres to the general rules of the program.  Be sure to specify the needs and the requirements for the position, and fill out a form for each requested position.


Supervisor's Responsibilities: 

  • Provide intern with an intriguing learning experience at UMass Chan Medical School
  • Offer interns a guided hands-on learning  experience
  • Assist interns in identifying and developing personal learning objectives
  • Meet with the intern  every other week at minimum to guide the intern
  • Respond to concerns and questions
  • Provide feedback to intern when needed
  • Give the intern a designated work area
  •  Give interns a sense of involvement in planning by hearing their ideas 
  • Report every month to the Team of Interns about the progress of the intern
  • Inform the Team of Interns of any the intention to extend or terminate the appointment of the Intern within a timely manner (within 1 month)
  • Evaluate interns on continuous basis



Fill out the ServiceNow form below to request an intern