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Raffi Aroian, Ph.D.

Raffi V. Aroian, Ph.D. (Molecular Medicine); Infectious diseases and parasitic disease


Jeffrey Bailey, MD, Ph.D.(Division of Transfusion Medicine, Program for Bioinformatics and Integrative Biology);
Infectious disease genetics focused on copy number variation and malaria.


Leslie J. Berg, Ph.D. (Pathology); Signal transduction proteins involved in T-cell development activitation. 


Rita Bortell, Ph.D. (Medicine, Diabetes); Pathogenesis of autoimmune diabetes.

Abraham Brass

Abraham Brass, MD, Ph.D.
 (Microbiology and Physiological Systems); Host-viral interactions and IFITM family of anti-viral proteins.

Michael Brehm

Michael Brehm, Ph.D. (Medicine, Diabetes); Antiviral immunity, development of humanized mouse models.


Lisa A. Cavacini, Ph.D.
 (Medicine, Mass Biologics); Humoral immunity, and human monoclonal antibodies (HMab) for infectious disease, cancer
and autoimmune disease.


Paul R. Clapham, Ph.D. (Molecular Medicine); HIV receptors and cellular tropisms.

Maria Duenas-Decamp, Ph.D. ( Molecular Medicine) HIV infection in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPC)


Robert W. Finberg, M.D. (Medicine; Host cell surface proteins and viruses; Cellular activation mediated by cell surface proteins.


Kate A. FItzgerald, PhD, (Medicine); Innate Immunity, Immune Signaling and Gene Regulation.

Joyce Fingeroth

Joyce Fingeroth, M.D.  (Medicine; Development of anti-viral approaches to gamma herpes virus infection

Terry Flotte

Terence Flotte, M.D. (Pediatrics, Microbiology & Physiological Systems , Dean's Office)
Adeno-associated virus vectors for gene therapy of single gene disorders.


Guangping Gao, Ph.D. (Gene Therapy/ MaPS) Parvovirus evolution, viral-host interactions and vectorology for gene transfer.


Manuel Garber, Ph.D. (Program in Molecular Medicine)
Bioinformatics; evolutionary history of lincRNAs; dissection of the transcriptional regulation of the immune response.


Ricardo Gazzinelli, D.Sc., D.V.M (Infectious Diseases and Immunology Medicine)
Cognate innate immune receptors and development of vaccines for protozoan parasites.


Rachel M. Gerstein, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems) 
B cell development, including aging; origins of B cell lymphoma; humoral immunity to bacterial pathogens.


Jon D. Goguen, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems) 
Function and regulation of virulence determinants in Yersinia pestis

Douglas T. Golenbock, M.D. (Medicine)
Toll receptors; pathophysiology of sepsis and pelvic inflammatory disease.


Heinrich Gottlinger, Ph.D., M.D. (Program in Molecular Medicine; Program in Gene Function and Expression)
Molecular Biology of HIV-1.

Ellen Gravallese

Ellen M. Gravallese, M.D.  (Medicine) 
Pathogenic mechanisms of inflammatory arthritis and the processes by which inflammation destroys cartilage and bone.

sharone green

Sharone Green
, M.D. (Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research)
Immunity and pathogenesis of West Nile and dengue viruses.


Dale L. Greiner, Ph.D. (Medicine)
T cell development and regulation of autoimmune disorders.

David Grunwald

David Grunwald, Ph.D. (Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology); mRNA and nucleocytoplasmic transport.

John Harris

John E. Harris, MD, .Ph.D., (Medicine, Division of Dermatology) Understanding the pathogenesis of 
autoimmune vitiligo with a focus on developing new treatments.

Jun Huh

Jun R. Huh, Ph.D., (Medicine) Metabolites, nuclear recceptors, and immune cells

Eric Huseby, Ph.D
. (Pathology)  Development of T cell tolerance of self and the autoimmune consequence of when it fails.

Duane Jenness, Ph.D.

Duane Jenness, Ph.D.
(MaPS) Cell-Surface Receptors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Joonsoo Kang
, Ph.D.(Pathology) Molecular and cellular mechanisms of T cell lineage commitment.


Michelle Kelliher
, Ph.D. (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology)
Apoptosis and cancer.


Hardy Kornfeld
, MD (Medicine)
Host defense against respiratory pathogens.


Timothy F. Kowalik
 , Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems) 
Cell activation and DNA viruses.


Evelyn Kurt-Jones, Ph.D. (Medicine) Innate immune response to bacterial and viral infection.


Eicke Latz
, MD, Ph.D. (Medicine, Infectious Disease) Toll-like receptor and inflammasome activation in terile inflammatory diseases.


Edward Leiter
, Ph.D. (Jackson Laboratory)  Genetics and Pathogenesis of Diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Mice.


Stuart M. Levitz
, MD (Infectious Disease) Host defenses against fungal infections, model vaccines exploiting mannosylation.


Dan Libraty
, MD (Infectious Disease), IGP
Studies of human cellular immune responses contributing to pathogenesis and/or protective immunityinemerging viral diseases.


Egil Lien
, Ph.D. (Medicine) Pathogen recognition and evasion of innate immune signaling. Toll-like receptors.

Vladimir Litvak, PhD

Vladimir Litvak, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems) 
Systems biology approaches to study the regulation of innate immune responses and anti-viral immunity.


Shan Lu, MD, Ph.D. (Medicine) Immunogenicity of protein and peptide antigens. Structure and function
relationship of envelope proteins of the immunodeficiency viruses. Roles of cytokines and adjuvants in DNA immunization.

Jeremy Luban

Jeremy Luban, MD (Program in Molecular Medicine) HIV-1 replication, pathogenesis, and immunity


Elizabeth J. Luna, Ph.D. (Cell Biology) Membrane skeletons in motile cells.


Katherine F. Ruiz de Luzuriaga, MD (Pediatrics) Virology and immunology of early vertical HIV-1 infection
and HIV-1 specific cytotoxic T cells in vertical infection.


Pranoti Mandrekar, Ph.D. (Medicine) Signaling pathways in liver inflammation.

Ann Moormann

Ann Moormann, Ph.D., MPH (Molecular Medicine) Viral Immunology and Epidemiology


John P. Mordes, MD (Medicine)  Immunogenetics of autoimmune diabetes in rats and the human genome.


Mary Munson, Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Molecular PHarmacology) Regulation of Vessicle Targeting and fusion. 


Kenan C. Murphy, Ph.D. (Microbiology and Physiological Systems)
Recombinogenetic engineering technologies for pathogenic bacteria

Peter Newburger Peter Newburger, MD (Pediatrics, Cancer Biology)
Neutrophil function and gene expression.

Read Pukkila-Worley M.D. (Medicine)
Innate Immunity and Host-Pathogen Interactions


SRam Sanjay Ram, MD (Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases)
Complement evasion strategies of microbes, with an emphasis on Neisseria meningitides and N. gonorrhoeae.
Rice Peter Rice, MD (Infectious Diseases and Immunology)
Host Interactions with Neisseriagonorrhoeae

Kenneth L. Rock, MD (Pathology)
Mechanisms to control display of foreign antigens to immune system.

Ann Marshak-Rothstein Ann Rothstein, Ph.D. (Medicine, Rheumatology)
Innate immune triggers of systemic autoimmune diseases.
Sassetti Christopher Sassetti, Ph.D. (Microbiology and Physiological Systems)
Molecular mechanisms underlying tuberculosis pathogenesis.

 Dorothy Schafer

Dorothy Schafer, Ph.D. (Neurobiology)
Neuron-Glia Interactions Regulating Synaptic Circuit Development and Plasticity 

Celia  Schifer


Celia A. Schiffer, Ph.D. (Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology)
Elucidating alterations in molecular recognition that allows drug resistance to HIV-1 and Hepatitis C virus

M Schmidt

Madelyn Schmidt, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems) 
Gene therapy approaches to treat genetic immunodeficiencies.

CSchrader Carol Schrader, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems)
DNA repair mechanisms in B cells that promote antibody class switch recombination and somatic hypermutation

Liisa K. Selin, MD (Pathology)
Mechanisms of viral immunology.

Davind Serreze David V Serreze BS, MS, Ph.D. (Medicine: Jackson Laboratory)
Genetic control mechanisms of immune tolerance and diabetes
Shulttz Leonard Shultz, PhD (Medicine: Jackson Laboratories)
Mouse Models for Human Immunological Diseases and Hematolymphoid Cell Engraftment.

Merav Socolovsky, Ph.D., MBBS (Cancer Biology)
Molecular mechanisms regulating the homeostasis of hematopoietic progenitors.

Erik Sontheimer

Erik J. Sontheimer, Ph.D. (RNA Therapeutics/Molecular Medicine)
Neural-immune interactions regulating brain plasticity

Lawrence Stern

Lawrence Stern, Ph.D. (Pathology, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Bioinformatics)
Molecular mechanisms of immune recognition, antigen presentation and T cell activation.

Swain Susan Swain, Ph.D. (Pathology)
Regulation of CD4 memory generation and strategies to compensate for defects that arise with Aging.
Gyongi Szabo

Gyongyi Szabo, M.D., Ph.D. (Medicine)
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of ethanol-induced monocyte aberrations in normals and immunosuppressed trauma patients; selective inhibition of antigen-specific T lymphocyte proliferation by acute ethanol exposure.


Eva Szomolanyi-Tsuda, M.D., (Pathology)
Interactions of viral gene products and host immune systems.


Masanori Terajima, MD, Ph.D.(Medicine)
Viral immuology

 Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson, Ph.D. (Biochemistyry & Molecular Pharmacology)
Techniques of chemical biology, biochemistry, and enzymology
to develop inhibitors/drugs targeting disease associated enzymes
as well as developing novel diagnostics for cancer

Volkert Michael R. Volkert, Ph.D. (Microbiology and Physiological Systems)
Oxidative stress resistance genes.
JWang Jennifer Wang, MD (Medicine, Infectious Disease)
Viral Immunology

Shixia  Wang

Shixia Wang, DVM, Ph.D. (Medicine)
Vaccine design and development against HIV, plague,
influenza and other emerging infectious dieases

Raymond M. Welsh, Ph.D.(Pathology; Microbiology and Physiological Systems)
Viral and tumor immunology.


Bruce A. Woda, MD (Pathology)
Transmembrane interactions of lymphocyte receptors with cytoskeletal elements; autoimmune diabetes.


Robert T. Woodland, Ph.D. (Microbiology & Physiological Systems)
Regulation of the immune response.


Maria Zapp, Ph.D. (Molecular Medicine)
Molecular mechanisms of mRNA export; functional gene transfer into human fetal hematopoietic stem cells.


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