Our laboratory seeks to identify innate immune pathways in the host and virulence-related signaling mechanisms in the pathogen that can be exploited to develop novel anti-infective small molecules. Towards this end, we are defining evolutionarily conserved means of innate immune activation using bacterial and fungal pathogenesis assays in the microscopic nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Thanks for visiting the website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

There are opportunities in our lab for post docs.


Exciting news from the Pukkila-Worley Lab:

  • 8/9/18: Kyle, Sarah and Nick all got spots on institutional training grants!
  • 7/1/18: Kyle Foster won a Poster Award at 2018 SPAMS C. elegans Meeting!  
  • May 2018: Check out Nick's review in Current Opinion in Immunology 
  • April 2018: Sarah and Nick passed their qualifying exams!
  • 8/24/17: Awarded an Innovator Award from the Ranin Foundation to fund our IBD work (Ranin press release, UMass announcent)
  • 8/3/17: A nice write-up about our work on UMassMed Now (link)
  • 7/27/17: Kyle got a spot on our institutional T32 training grant
  • 6/21/17: Our R01 was funded by NIH/NIAID
  • 5/8/17: Congrats to Kyle for passing his Qualifying Exam
  • 4/2/17: Congrats to Nick for rocking Step I of the USMLE
  • Check out this review from our lab in PLoS Pathogens (pdf)
  • CONGRATS TO HILARY...  Her paper was published in G3: Genes, Genomes and Genetics (pdf).
  • AND... Thank you to the Charles H. Hood Foundation for funding our research (press release).