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IndEx Information for Students and Postdocs

The IndEx program is aimed to help Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students and postdocs at UMass Chan explore careers in biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the Worcester/Boston/New England area. IndEx arranges for small groups of trainees to visit biotech/pharma companies to experience company culture firsthand and obtain networking opportunities. The companies will host a range of activities that may include a tour of relevant facilities, one-on-one or group discussions with company scientists, and discussions with company HR staff to learn about the company's hiring processes. The program will help students explore careers in industry, help them understand the working structure of industries in general, and will also provide a platform to network with scientists in industry.

Benefits of the IndEx Program

  • Exposure to a diverse range of companies from small start-ups to larger, well-known companies (CROs, biotech, pharma, diagnostics, etc)
  • Tours of the facilities in a range of companies
  • Exposure to industry career paths available to PhD scientists within specific companies
  • A better understanding of life in the industry and how the management differs between companies
  • Networking with employees at local companies
  • Learning the differences between small and large companies
  • Gaining a better understanding of the language and terminology used in the industry
  • Career guidance

How can you participate?

All students and postdocs at UMass Chan are eligible to participate in the programs. While things may differ slightly pertaining to any particular visit, below is the general overview of how the program works:

  • Click the "Site Visits" tab to learn about the upcoming industrial visits
  • Identify the ones that you are interested in
  • Complete the registration form from the "Upcoming Site Visits" page or from one of our campus emails (
  • Registration for the event will be confirmed via email
  • Once selected, review the IP material and tips before your scheduled visit

Interested in getting more involved with IndEx? We are always looking for new people (both students and postdocs) to serve on our executive board! Contact us directly at!