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Supervision Guidelines

All fellows function under the supervision of a faculty clinician. A responsible faculty clinician is available to the fellows in all patient care settings in person, or by telephone, and can be present onsite within a reasonable timeframe, if needed.

A senior attending physician always makes rounds with fellows during weekends or holidays and is on second call at night. They see all inpatients on our services and all new or necessary follow-up consult patients.

An attending physician is always available during procedures, including administration of intrathecal chemotherapy, bone marrow biopsy and aspiration and lumbar puncture.

The fellowship program is structured to encourage and permit fellows to assume increasing levels of responsibility commensurate with their individual progress in experience, skill, knowledge, and judgment.

Work Hours/Call Schedules

Fellows work a five-day work week, unless on call for the weekend. All fellows share equally in the night call and weekend call schedule.  Service time for weekend call and night call is approximately once per every twelfth week-day/night, and once per every twelfth weekend. During weekend call fellows are expected to round on inpatient consults, see new consults and serve as first call for all emergencies.