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Course Management

Creating or modifying a course

All new courses or revisions to existing courses must meet GSBS Curriculum Standards and GSBS Course Grades Standards and be approved by the GSBS Graduate Council.

Procedure for new course approval

The course director completes a Course Approval Request form.

Procedure to modify a course

The course director completes a Course Approval Request form but only includes those sections that are changing.

Administrative requirements for offering and teaching courses

There are several administrative components required in the offering and teaching of a course

Registration responsibilities

The registration period is approximately 2 months prior to the start of the upcoming semester

Program Directors

GSBS Administration will ask program directors to confirm courses to be taught in their program approximately 3 months prior to the semester start date.

Course Directors

GSBS Administration will ask course directors to confirm the details of the courses identified by program directors for inclusion in the course catalog for registration.

Course Directors and Course Administrators can view rosters in real time throughout and after the registration period in PeopleSoft.
How to view a course roster in PeopleSoft

GSBS Administration

When the registration period ends, GSBS administration will notify course and program directors of low or zero enrollment to make determinations of course cancellation with input from the Dean.

Administrative Course Preparation

GSBS administration works with course directors, the Office of the Registrar and Academic Instructional Design and Technology to frontload all necessary information required for disseminating course information to students and other offices that have a vested interest. This information includes,

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Course Grading

Course grades should be submitted via OASIS within 2 weeks of the semester's end. 
How to enter grades in OASIS

Course & Instructor Evaluations

Students evaluate courses and instructors for core and advanced topics courses. Once response threshold requirements have been met, the Office of Institutional Research, Evaluation, & Assessment compiles reports that are shared with program and course directors. Course directors should disseminate, as appropriate, to instructors of the course.

If copies of evaluation reports are needed for promotion, please email Tricia Doane for assistance.