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You have done more than give back. You have moved medicine forward.


Current Members

We acknowledge, with much gratitude, the support of UMMS alumni and School of Medicine parents in fiscal year 2022 (July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022).

▲ Dean's Council charter member     *  deceased in FY21

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  • Christine K. Cassel, MD'76, and Michael McCally, MD, PhD
  • Caroline J. Alper, MD'93 R'96, and Eric J. Alper, MD'93 R'96
  • Mary Ellen Davis, PhD P'16, and Steven Davis, MD P'16
  • Lena E. Dohlman-Gerhart, MD'77, MPH, and Tobin Gerhart, MD
  • Michelle Kallmes and David F. Kallmes, MD'89
  • Dana Katz and Matthew S. Katz, MD'97
  • Astrid Kornetsky and Kenneth M. Kornetsky, MD'74
  • Gail F. Stanton, MD'78, and Kent Weible