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Listing of scholarships established at UMass Chan Medical School


“It is one thing to get into medical school, but it is your unwavering support that helps us get through it. I am honored to be a recipient of scholarship support here … it has helped me worry less about the costs of attending medical school, and focus more on the journey itself.”

–Rodney Bruno, Class of 2022

The following list comprises the established scholarships at UMass Chan Medical School. Those established during our 2021 fiscal year (July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021) are noted in blue.

• Drs. Christine '93 and Christian '82 Andersen Scholarship

• Anonymous Medical School Scholarship

Dr. Danuta J. Antkowiak Memorial Scholarship

• Antonellis Family Scholarship

• Bafaro Family Scholarship

• Barr - Naimi Scholarship

• Patricia Bazemore Maxson, MD, Scholarship

• Bergin Family Scholarship

Bilazarian Family Scholarship 

• Constance L. Bilodeau Memorial Scholarship

• Breed Family Scholarship

• Drs. Jeremi M. Carswell and Brett M. Carswell, Class of 2000, Scholarship

• Andrew I. Cederbaum, MD, Memorial Scholarship

• Joanne Charette Memorial Scholarship

• Drs. Lucy Y. Chie and Justin J. Campbell, Class of 2000, Scholarship

• Nathaniel G. Clark, MD'88, Scholarship

• Edmund J. and Phyllis S. Croce Scholarship

• Jeanne Y. Curtis Scholarship

Drs. Mary Ellen and Steven M. Davis Scholarship

• Dempze Bailey Family Scholarship

Dowell Infection Connection Scholarship

• Kristen Ettensohn Memorial Scholarship

• David B. FitzGerald, MD, Class of 2000 and Family Fund for International Education

• Dolores R. Forzley Memorial Scholarship

• Joan L. and Richard I. Freedman Scholarship

• Nancy Frohloff, MD'84, Memorial Scholarship

• Charles Gomes Memorial Scholarship

• Herbert F. and Hazel A. Goodwin Scholarship

• Morris Gorfine, MD, Scholarship

• Linda Rafuse Goudey, MD'83, Memorial Scholarship

• Caroline Marten-Ellis, MD'86, and Professor Stephen C. Graves Scholarship

• Neil Grover Memorial Scholarship

• Alumni Association Scholarship in honor of Irvin N. Heifetz, MD'79, R'82

• Norio Higano, MD, FACP, Memorial Scholarship

• Deborah Harmon Hines, PhD, Scholarship

• Charles J. Hoff Scholarships

• George and Alice Hoogasian Scholarship

• Morton Jackson Scholarship

• Rick and Trish Jacobs Family Scholarship

• Robert G. L. Lee, MD'76, Memorial Scholarship

Susanna Woo Lee, MD’78, Scholarship

• Lewandrowski Family Scholarship

• Marion and Isador Lubin Trust Scholarship

• John and Dr. Susan Lynch '86 Family Scholarship

• Thomas D. Manning Scholarship

• Marcus Family Scholarship

• Mary P. McGowan, MD'87, and Thomas J. Synan, MD'87, Scholarship

• William J. McKee, Jr. Scholarship

• Christine and Andrew Miller, MD'79, Scholarship

• Paul F. Moynihan Memorial Scholarship

Drs. Claudy and Jennifer Mullon Scholarship

• John O'Brien Scholarship

William Thomas O'Byrne Scholarship

• Janet E. Osterman, MD'84, Scholarship

Elyssa Aronson Pellish and Randall Pellish, Class of 2001, Scholarship

• Perlmutter Family Scholarship

• Norman and Loretta J. Peters Scholarship

• William and Steven Putterman Memorial Scholarship

• Rand Family Scholarship

• Albert O. Raymond Trust Scholarship

• Paul C. and Gladys W. Richards Scholarship

• Saul Rivera Memorial Scholarship

Riviera Ranch Scholarship

• Rosalie T. Rose Scholarship

• Dr. Alfred F. Rothschild Scholarship

• Walter N. Secord Award

• Ruth and Saul Seder Family Scholarship

• Klempner and Svenson Family Scholarship

• J.T. Tai Foundation Scholarships

• Nicholas M. Tsanotelis, MD'82, and Regina M. Tsanotelis Scholarship

• Mary M. Tse, MD'77, Scholarship

• UMMHC Group Practice Scholarship

• Paul Vernaglia Jr., MD'78, Memorial Scholarship

• Annie Vigeant Scholarship

• Cara R. Weinstein, MD'15, Scholarship

• Tobey Muskin Weinstein Scholarship

Ann L. and Kai W. Wong, MD'86, Scholarship

• Yamin Family Scholarship

Mildred Kuzmarov Zylberszac and Leon Zylberszac Scholarship

UMMS School of Medicine Reunion Class Scholarships

• Class of 1974

• Class of 1975 in memory of Catherine Arinella

• Class of 1975 Susan H. Hou, MD, Memorial Endowment Scholarship

• Class of 1976

• Class of 1977

• Class of 1978

• Class of 1979

• Class of 1980

• Class of 1981

• Class of 1982

• Class of 1983

• Class of 1984

• Class of 1985

• Class of 1986 in memory of Ross S. Carol, MD, Michael G. Lerman, MD, and Lynne P. Sateriale, MD

• Class of 1987

• Class of 1988

• Class of 1989

• Class of 1990

• Class of 1991

• Class of 1992

• Class of 1993

• Class of 1994

• Class of 1995 in memory of Susan M. Campo Weiss, MD

• Class of 1996

• Class of 1997

• Class of 1998

• Class of 1999

• Class of 2000

• Class of 2001

• Class of 2002

• Class of 2003

• Class of 2004 in memory of Julie (Guilbert) Maher

• Class of 2005

• Class of 2006

• Class of 2007

• Class of 2008

• Class of 2009

• Class of 2010

• Class of 2011

• Class of 2012

• Class of 2013

• Class of 2014