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Forensic Training Publications

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Designated Forensic Professional Procedures Manual

Designated Forensic Professional Procedures Manual

DFP Practice Issues, Recommendations and Guidelines

DFP Report Redaction Guidelines

Care and Treatment Recommendations for Patients Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

DFP Committee Procedural Issues

Forensic Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for Notification of the Limits of Confidentiality/Privilege for Court-Ordered Evaluations of Adults

Guidelines when defendants version cannot be obtained in a CR evaluation

Recommendations for treatment in jail of 15(b) defendants being discharged after the evaluation period (or after restoration in competency) 

Ultimate Issue Opinions

15b Report Writing Guidelines revised 7/22/11

The Ability to Make Relevant Decisions: Implications for Competence to Stand Trial Evaluations 
Thomas Grisso, Ph.D.

Assessing the Volitional Prong of the Insanity Defense
Ira K. Packer, Ph.D.


Forensic Report Writing Guideline Checklist

These report writing checklist's were developed by Gary Dube, Ph.D. and revised by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health's DFP (Designated Forensic Professional) Training and Certification Committee

Criminal Responsibility
Competence to Stand Trial