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What Our Graduates Say

Chad Beattie     Chad Beattie, MD
Sports Medicine physician, Dept of Orthopedics
Hawthorn Medical Associates, Dartmouth, MA

"From my first day in fellowship I was surrounded by a diverse and supportive staff of physicians who were focused on all areas of my training. In particular, the MSK ultrasound curriculum has given my confidence to not only perform and teach procedures, but help diagnose MSK conditions in the clinic. Because of my extensive MSK U/S training in fellowship, I have become a valuable asset to my Orthopedic colleagues who now routinely send me patients for diagnostic scans instead of ordering more expensive and time consuming studies such as MRIs."
Nathan Cardoos     Nathan Cardoos, MD
Instructor of Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
Charles River Medical Practice and Ryan Center for Sports Medicine
Team Physician at Boston College

"The UMass fellowship offered me a perfect blend of traditional sports medicine experience and superb training in musculoskeletal ultrasound. The dedicated ultrasound curriculum gave me a solid foundation of knowledge that was reinforced by countless hours of hands-on clinical experience."  

Emily Eshleman, DO
Sports Medicine physician and faculty member
Hahnemann Family Health Center, UMass Chan   

"I am so grateful to have completed my sports medicine training through the UMass Sports and Exercise Medicine Fellowship. It is incomparable in its breadth and depth of experiences. Throughout the year, I was immersed in game coverage at all levels from high school to professional. I was able to develop critical interdisciplinary relationships with athletic trainers at our different schools and I felt like an integral part of the athlete’s care team.

I performed a great number of many different ultrasound diagnostic scans and procedures and left fellowship with a strong foundation for clinical practice. The faculty are incredibly supportive and I am lucky to now be a part of the UMass Sports Medicine Alumni family, which is an incredible network of support that I know I can turn to throughout my career.” 

Scott Goldberg    

Scott Goldberg, MD
Sports Medicine physician, Robert. C. Cantu Concussion Clinic
Family Medicine physician, Emerson Urgent Care

"The UMass fellowship is an immersive experience into the world of sports medicine from day one. Having done my residency at UMass, I had already seen the transformation in past fellows, becoming skilled sports medicine clinicians and teachers, but could not anticipate the scale of the experience.

The experience with the variety of sports coverage, procedures, and extensive use of diagnostic/therapeutic ultrasound have been integral to my clinical practice. Maybe most importantly, the faculty, staff, and athletic trainers are kind, always willing to teach, and wonderful role models."

Greg Murphy    

Greg Murphy, MD
Sports Medicine physician at Valley Medical Group
Greenfield, Amherst, and Easthampton, MA 

"The Sports Medicine Fellowship at Umass provides a multitude of opportunities to diagnose and treat injuries in athletes and active individuals. Fellows provide medial coverage at a large number of high school, collegiate, and professional sporting events and have ample opportunity to grow their skills. Ultrasound guided injections as well as diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound are well integrated into the program providing a strong foundation for future growth." 


Adam Ridley, MD

"I chose the UMass Sports and Exercise Medicine Fellowship for several reasons. First, I wanted to train somewhere that provided a wide array of clinical encounters. In this fellowship, we care for Pediatric to Geriatric patients, Profesional and D1 Athletes to a more sedentary population, and we do so in a number of different environments, like the clinic, training room, and sidelines. Second, I wanted to develop an expertise in both Diagnostic and Procedural Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. I think you would be hard pressed to find a program that has higher volume of ultrasound training and hands on experience than this program.

I feel very comfortable with the ultrasound as a new Sports Medicine Attending, and I am well on my way to getting Registered in Musculoskeletal Sonography Certification. Lastly, and probably most important to me, I wanted to train somewhere that had an emphasis on learning and applying principles of Nutrition and Exercise Science to patient care to not only treat symptoms of acute and chronic injuries, but to also improve patients' overall health. Dr. Mancini has very similar interests and is passionate about teaching and incorporating this aspect of Sports Medicine into the Fellowship curriculum. "

Jonathan Smits    

Jonathan Smits, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Sports Medicine
Loma Linda University Children's Health
Loma Linda, CA
"I couldn’t imagine a better sports medicine training experience than I received at the UMass Sports Medicine fellowship. This program is set apart by its high clinical volume, variety of team and event coverage, strong ultrasound curriculum, and incredible faculty. The faculty includes a cohesive group of new sports medicine physicians, endeared team doctors, and world-renowned sports orthopedic surgeons that provide a wealth of experience and model unparalleled compassion for the health and well-being of the athlete. 

Dr. Mancini's expertise as a sports nutritionist and strength and conditioning coach is one of a kind. Under his leadership, you will complete the program with an appreciation for injury prevention and a love for kettlebells, record-setting deadlifts, and healthy fats. 

The program has shown its ability to not just adapt, but excel in the face of the unprecedented challenges with COVID-19. The newly formatted didactics combine expertise from athletic training, strength and conditioning, and sports medicine physicians across the region to provide a well-rounded education and emphasis on lifelong scholarship and inter-disciplinary collaboration. You will graduate this program ready for a career in sports medicine with lifelong mentors and treasured friendships!"



Terrence Tsui    

Terrence Tsui, MD
Sports Medicine physician, Bayhealth Orthopaedics
Dover, Delaware
"I cannot say enough about my time as a sports medicine fellow at UMass. I completed the fellowship and left with a strong foundation in all aspects of sports medicine including the use of sonography for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

I also had plenty of experience working with athletes from the high school level to the professional level which gave me the confidence to jump into a team physician role shortly after completing fellowship. In addition to the strong training, the faculty at UMass were excellent mentors and I still keep in touch with them on a regular basis."



Caitlin Waters



Caitlin Waters, MD
PCP in Internal Medicine/Primary Care Sports Medicine
Merrimack Valley Internal Medicine Associates
North Chelmsford, MA

"I feel so lucky to have Matched to the UMass Sports Fellowship. Each fellow is pushed to grow by the variety of teaching styles, demands of didactics with the students and residents, and coverage opportunities at all competitive levels and venues of sports. The camaraderie of the program and the connections to local teams sets this fellowship apart.

The year is fun, fast, and full of unforgettable experiences that shape you into a well rounded, capable Sports Medicine attending. Upon completion of the program, I felt well equipped to create a contract with a local internal medicine group and start my own diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound clinic. I miss working at UMass and loved my time there."