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Sports Medicine Fellowship - For Visiting Residents


         Sports and Exercise Medicine Elective for Visiting Residents

We encourage any resident interested in our fellowship to do an audition rotation with us, so they can get a better understanding of our program.  We also love having residents from any accredited program do an away rotation with us, whether or not they plan on applying for a fellowship.

Approval for an elective rotation is needed from Dr. Lee Mancini, the fellowship program director.  If you are interested in setting up an elective rotation, please e-mail Dr. Mancini, the fellowship program coordinator.    

Information for Visiting Residents 

Eligibility: Residents/fellows who are enrolled in ACGME-accredited programs under the sponsorship of other teaching hospitals or medical schools may be eligible to participate in elective training at UMass Memorial Health under the supervision of UMass Chan Medical School faculty. Residents/fellows in Non-Standard programs are not eligible to participate.

Length of visiting rotation: 2-4 contiguous weeks

Timeline: Paperwork must be completed and received by UMass Chan Medical School GME office at least 3 months prior to the rotation.

Required Paperwork: Visiting residents must complete and return the forms and documentation indicated in the Visiting Resident Packet (link to attached document).

Licensing for out of state visiting residents:  The UMass Chan Medical School OGME will initiate the license application for out of state visiting residents. The visiting resident must complete the licensee application and request supporting documentation from their medical school and current residency program (please note that these requests can take some time to receive). If a license application contains “yes” answers, more documentation is required, and approval could be delayed. Once all documentation is received, GME reviews and submits to the MA Board for approval.  The MA Board has been issuing provisionally issued limited licenses for visiting residents, followed by final approval. This allows the visiting resident to begin rotation, while the Board continues their final review.