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How to apply

Thank you for your interest in the Finberg PSTP.  To apply please take the following steps:

STEP 1: Apply to the internal medicine residency program in ERAS

Due date: September 24, 2024 (Click for more information)

STEP 2: Submit the secondary application.

Due date:  Tuesday, October 1, 2024 by 5 p.m. (your local time). 

Instructions: Compile a single PDF document with the following information and email it to Please name your PDF file “Lastname_firstname” 

  • Describe the original research you have performed to date and its significance (500 words)

  • Articulate your goals for a career in medicine and science and how training at UMass Chan will help you achieve them (500 words)

  • List the faculty with whom you would like to meet during your visit to UMass Chan Medical School, in order of your interest. You may choose any PhD, MD, or MD/PhD faculty on campus.

  • Please include up to three PDFs of manuscripts on which you are an author. Published pre-prints are acceptable. Review articles may be included, although preference should be given to first author, original research publications.