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Cash Procedures


Cash Handling Procedure

  • All currency and coin collected must be deposited with the Bursar's office the day of receipt.
  • All non-currency receipts over $100.00 must be delivered the day of receipt.  Non-currency receipts of $100 or less must be delivered within 48 hours.
  • Cash must be adeqyuately safeguarded until deposited.
  • Currency and coin should be transported between locations in a locked bag by authorized personnel.
  • Campus Security is required to escort personnel for deposits of $500 or more.

Cash Receipt Procedures

  • All checks, cash, credit card payments and wires are deposited and recorded in the PeopleSoft Financial System by the Bursar's Office staff.
  • Departments may view these transactions using SUMMIT and PeopleSoft reports including the UMGL7062 report.
    • In PeopleSoft Finance, the journal source is CR and all journals begin with the prefix CR.

Centralized Revenue Receipting  

Narration to be provided by BO staff. 

Check remit-to address
Wire/EFT banking info (can this be external facing)
Payment identification- what departments should do, Invoice # scheme, notifications
What cannot be used for receipts

  • statement fund codes
  • AIF
  • RTF

What is needed if payment is an expense reimbursement or refund.



Post Receipting Support

Narration from BO, what the BO can do.  What the department should do and provide.
Correction journal entry.