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"Speaking of Vitiligo..."

Lego Launches New Vitiligo Minifigure

martes, noviembre 01, 2022

I recently discovered that Lego would be releasing a set containing a minifigure with vitiligo and I could not be more excited! In the past few years, vitiligo has been recognized more and more outside our community, including a possible representation as the villain Domino in Deadpool 2 and Barbie dolls with vitiligo spots.

Now Lego fans can enjoy representative figures with vitiligo in their sets! Although many people believe that vitiligo is a rare disease, 1.4% of the population is affected by the disease and over 110 million people worldwide have vitiligo. This new minifigure also serves as a way to educate both children and adults who are not familiar with vitiligo about the disease.

Representation in children’s toys up until now has been limited but this new addition from Lego adds to the growing number of toys that represent vitiligo. Barbie launched their first doll with vitiligo in 2020 and in May of this year, they released a Ken doll as well. Additionally, Rainbow High and Fisher-Price also released toys with vitiligo earlier this year, adding to their inclusive lines. By adding diversity such as representations of vitiligo in toys, it can help remove stigmas associated with vitiligo and give children more options that they can relate to. This new Lego set has a release date of November 1st, 2022 and can be found on Lego’s website.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease that results in the appearance of white spots on the skin. It affects 1.4% of the population (a little over 1/100 people) regardless of race and gender, and can be psychologically devastating for many who are affected.

What are the Available Treatments for Vitiligo?

There are various different treatments out there for vitiligo, but the type of treatment considered should be tailored to fit each patient’s need. You can find a full list of treatments on our website under the Treatments section, including the first FDA-approved treatment for vitiligo.

Our Clinic is also currently enrolling patients in a variety of clinical trials. These new trials allow patients to enroll in studies to try the newest potential treatments available for vitiligo. Eligibility for certain trials varies, however, if you don’t qualify for any of our current trials that does not mean you won’t qualify in the future. A full list of clinical trials can be found on our website, along with a form that will keep you up to date when we launch any new ones.

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