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COI Policies 

At UMass Chan there are multiple policies relevant to conflicts of interest (COIs) and conflicts of commitment (COCs).   

Policy on Conflicts of Interest Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures 

The University of Massachusetts has a separate COI policy pertaining to Conflicts of Interest relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures. This policy requires disclosure of SFIs in connection with technology transfer activities and SRAs funded by external entities (including faculty startups), and it sets up procedures for review of conflicts exceeding a certain threshold by a system-level COI Committee (over and above any campus-level review). 

Policy of Conflicts of Interest Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures 

Policy for Promoting Objectivity in Biomedical Research (FCOI Policy) 

The policy which implements the federal regulations pertaining to Financial Conflicts of Interest in federally funded research is the Policy for Promoting Objectivity in Biomedical Research (aka the FCOI Policy). The FCOI regulations, adopted in 2012, establish standards that require disclosure and review of financial interests that could potentially impact the design, conduct, and reporting of research sponsored by PHS agencies (incl. the NIH, NSF, HRSA and SAMHSA). Fundamentally, the FCOI regulations require that individual financial conflicts of interest relating to PHS-funded research (called FCOIs) must be managed, reduced or eliminated before expenditure of any PHS funds.   

Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research 


Finally, there is a separate document that pertains specifically to human subjects research.  Based on the AAMC guidelines, this policy is focused on clinical research and sets a $0.00 threshold for COI review. It includes a presumption against allowing the conduct of clinical research when a researcher for the Institution has a relevant financial interest. That presumption may be rebutted if there are compelling circumstances as determined by campus and system COI committees.  

Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research  

Anyone seeking IRB approval should also review the IRB policy Management of Financial Interests Policy. Additional information about the Human Research Protection program and policies can be found through the IRB or at https://www.umassmed.edu/ccts/education/human-research-protection-program-hrpp/  

HRP-055 Management of Financial Interests Policy 

Responsible Conduct of Research 

The University has a policy on Research Misconduct defined as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, preforming, reporting, or reviewing research. The UMass Chan procedures for responding to allegations of research misconduct can be found in the Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activities.  

Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activities 

Policy on Outside Activities  

Faculty members are expected to devote to the University their primary professional loyalty and to direct to the University their time and energy. Faculty members are permitted to engage in limited activities outside of the University during normal working hours, provided such outside activities do not interfere with their primary obligations. The University recognizes that outside activities can be of value to faculty and the University. This Policy is intended to further the mission of the University and to enrich the experiences of the faculty by facilitating appropriately limited outside activities for faculty.  

Fac_Consulting_Policy_UML-UMW.pdf (umassp.edu)