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Grant Transfer/New Investigator


This web page is intended to provide guidance to researchers transferring grants to the UMass Chan Medical School and to UMass Chan researchers leaving the institution who require guidance on how to address/transition their existing grants. All researchers requiring grant transfer assistance are requested to contact their departmental administrator to initiate any transfer processes. Please refer to the procedure documents below, as well as the form requirements, checklist and notification form that follow each respective category.

For Grants Transfers to UMass Chan (Incoming):

Procedure for Incoming Grant Transfers from Another Institution
UMass Chan Incoming PI - Award Transfer Checklist
UMass Chan Incoming PI - NIH Forms and Transfer Requirements
UMass Chan Incoming Fellow - NIH Fellowship Forms and Award Transfer Requirements

For Grant Transfers from UMass Chan (Outgoing):

Procedure for Grant Relinquishments/Transfers from UMass Chan
UMass Chan Departing PI - Award Transfer Notification
Calculation Spreadsheet for Relinquishing Statement
Should you have any questions regarding grant-transfer guidance, please contact Sponsored Programs at 508-856-2119 or via email at research.funding@umassmed.edu


New and/or first-time UMass Chan employees with intentions to submit sponsored-project applications are required to sign the UMass Chan Participation Agreement and acknowledge receipt  of the institutional conflict of interest and intellectual property policies before being granted Principal Investigator status. 

The forms and policies are listed below. Once completed, please scan signature page from each agreement to OSP research.funding@umassmed.edu


PI Eligibility Policy
Participation Agreement (includes Intellectual Property policy)
Acknowledgement Form (Includes Conflict of Interest policy)

eRA Commons:

Once these agreements are signed, the next step is to request an eRA Commons ID or to affiliate your existing ID with UMass Chan. Please use the eRA Commons Account Request Form to initiate this request. 

CITI Training:

Project Directors/Principal Investigators and those associated with their funding responsible for the design, conduct and reporting of research must complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Conflict of Interest mini-course before an award will be institutionally accepted. Click here for information on compliance with PHS regulation and UMass Chan policy on significant disclosure of financial interest.