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Financial Conflict of Interest

COI Oversight  

Administration of the Conflicts of Interest (COI) function is led by the Office of Management (OOM), directed by James Healy, JD, Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor for Management.  The COI team in OOM works in cooperation with the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Institutional Review Board and the Office of Innovation and Business Development to identify, review, and manage potential conflicts of interests in research and other business activities. The COI team is comprised of Emily Martins, Director of Conflict of Interest, Research Compliance and Pam Aubrey, MBA, Assistant Director, Conflicts of Interest & International Risk.

The COI team coordinates: 

Annual & New Hire Disclosures: The COI Team coordinates annual and new hire COI disclosure processes, disclosure screening, and works with individual disclosers and chairs/supervisors to address any conflicts. Questions regarding COI can be directed to COI@umassmed.edu or by calling call 508-856-6960.  

To access the eCOI System:  

Go to Office.com 

        1. Log in using your UMass Chan email address and network password. 
        2. If prompted, authenticate through MS Authenticator. 
        3. Contact the UMass Chan IT Helpdesk for login support. 

Once logged in, click on the “Apps” icon in the left margin. 

Scroll down to “Other Apps” and select “Diligent (Prod)” and you will be routed directly to the eCOI System.  

Review of Research COIs: The COI Director and Senior COI & Privacy Analyst also conduct project- and proposal-specific COI and FCOI reviews.  As necessary, they work with basic science and clinical review panels and the campus COI Committee to develop and implement Conflict Management Plans.  As necessary, cases are also presented at the system-wide COI Committee.  

Identification and review of Institutional conflicts of interest (ICOI): ICOIs can arise when financial interests held by UMass Chan or Senior Officials could influence the decision making related to research, tech transfer or other institutional decisions. 

Consultation on Massachusetts State Ethics concerns: Employees of UMass Chan are considered state employees and are subject to state ethics regulations, including specific on the job and after hour restrictions. 

Ad Hoc Reviews: We encourage ad hoc questions about potential COIs and/or the review and management process.   

For general questions relating to disclosure, review, or management of potential conflicts, please contact COI@umassmed.edu or call (508) 856-6960.