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Parking Violations

There are designated parking areas for employees, visitors, students and patients on our campus. If you park in an unassigned area or illegally, you may receive a parking ticket. Any ticket not paid within 21 calendar days will result in an additional $5.00 penalty before registry action is taken. After the Registry of Motor Vehicles is notified, additional penalties will be added as prescribed by law. A ticket may be appealed by completing an appeal's form located online at

Enforcement, Appeal and Citation Payment Procedures

  1. Enforcement 
    • Parking Services and the University Police Department shall enforce all University Parking regulations. In addition, the University Police Department shall enforce applicable state motor vehicle laws under the Massachusetts vehicle code. 
    • Vehicles utilizing University facilities that are in violation of any section of these regulations will be issued a citation and may be towed, booted or impounded at the owner’s expense. 
    • Parking citations must be paid or appealed within 21 days of the violation date. 
    • Citations may be paid according to the directions below.  
  2. Appeal Procedures 
    • Parking citations may be appealed within 21 days of the date of ticket issuance. Appeals submitted beyond such date will not be accepted. Appeals must be submitted online please follow directions on your ticket. 
      • To appeal a parking violation please complete your appeal online. All appeals are abjudicated by the Parking Hearing Clerk and will not be accepted in person. 
      • To pay your ticket online please go to
    • Citation Payment Procedures 
      • Tickets can be paid in person, cash only, at the Parking Office located on the 1st floor of the Medical School or online
      • Payments are no longer accepted at the Bursar's Office. 
      • Please contact Parking at 508-856-3630 or with any questions or concerns.